OSHO Active Meditation Techniques

Osho Active Meditation Techniques are specially made for the new man.

Osho says “All the dynamic meditations are preparatory to real meditation. They are just basic requirements to be fulfilled so that the meditation can happen. Don’t treat them as meditations; they are just introductory, just a preface. The real meditation starts only when all activity has ceased — activity of the body and activity of the mind”.

Osho Active Meditation Techniques help Meditators to release all repressed feelings and slowly Slowly Meditator can sit silently and Passive meditations follow on their own. Dynamic meditation and Kundalini meditations are most popular active meditations of Osho.
Dynamic Meditation is often called King of Osho Meditations and is very much recommended by Osho sannyasins.

Osho says “You are frozen. I would like to melt you and create a flow again. That is why I insist on active meditation. By ‘active’ I only mean that your body must be involved in it. If you simply sit in a buddha posture, you can go on thinking and thinking and thinking; the body is not involved in it. And the body is the world. Through the body you are related to the existence, through body you exist. Your meditation must in some way be deeply rooted in the body; otherwise it will become just a dream floating in the mind, just like clouds without any roots in the earth. I want to push you back to the earth.”

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