Osho – Ninety-nine percent of your illnesses are your own working. Be alert and watch. If you are stupid, you are stupid. This is the first ray of intelligence that has happened to you: that you feel that you are stupid – perfectly beautiful.

To understand that one is stupid is to already be intelligent. To understand that one is blind and cannot see light, one is already on the way. Now something is possible. But a blind man goes on imagining that he knows what light is. He dreams about light, he dreams about the eyes. And if somebody says that he is wrong he is ready to protect himself, defend, rationalize, argue.

Look at the bare fact. Whatsoever it is, to accept it is good. You are blind – everybody is born blind. Nobody comes with eyes. If you have eyes, there is no need to come. You come only to learn how to be able to see. And from the very beginning, you start thinking that you have eyes.

You come here to be enlightened. Life is a process of enlightenment. If you live it truly, Buddhahood is bound to happen. It is not some accident; you carry the seed within you. Just give the right soil and the seed will sprout, and a Buddha will flower in you.

Buddhahood is not accidental, is not only for the chosen few – it is everybody’s destiny. Delay you can, but when you attain, there is nothing to brag about. I will repeat: Delay you can, but when you attain it, there is nothing to brag about. It is very ordinary. It has to be so. It is your intrinsic being. It is your essence. Only the personality has to be dropped. Personality is the falsification. Watch. And always be true. Whatsoever you say about yourself, be true, and you will never be a loser.

In the beginning it will seem that if you say that you are stupid, everybody will know – but stupidity is not such a thing that you can hide it. Everybody already knows Everybody already knows. Only you are deceived. Drop all deceptions, because finally, eventually, you will discover that nobody else was deceived, only yourself. And nobody is a loser for it. You lose. Drop all codes. Drop all falsifications. And when I say ’drop,’ I don’t mean that any effort is needed. Just see, and they drop. Seeing is dropping.

Source : from Osho Book “The True Sage”

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