Osho – Niro means the element water. And water is very symbolic, symbolic of flow, symbolic of nonresistance, symbolic of let-go. And these have to become the qualities of a sannyasin. One should never become stagnant, because life is a process, a constant process; the moment you stop the process you are dead. Life is a river, on-going, from infinity to infinity. The moment you start clinging to something, you become attached to something, obsessed with something, you are stuck. Then a rock has come in the way and the process is no more beautiful.

Slowly slowly the movement stops. Then one is a stagnant pool, no more a river; and to be a stagnant pool is to be in misery, is to be in hell. So the first thing for a sannyasin to remember is: always remain flowing. Nothing is more valuable than the flow itself. Nothing should prevent you, nothing should be allowed to obstruct the flow of life. Go on dropping yesterdays so that today remains flowing. Don’t plan for tomorrow, otherwise you have already obstructed it.

And the second thing: don’t resist life, don’t fight with it. Be friendly: don’t create any antagonism with life. We are part of it; to fight with it is simply stupid. But that’s what has been taught: for thousands of years man has been taught to fight, to become a fighter. Life has to be conquered, it has been said to people. Who is going to conquer life – we are part of it. A ray of the sun is going to conquer the sun? A wave of the ocean is going to conquer the ocean? It is utter nonsense, but that nonsense has become such a long tradition that nobody thinks about it.

And when you resist and you fight, you lose; life loses nothing. You simply become separated from it, isolated from it; hence you start feeling lonely. Otherwise there is no loneliness. Nobody can ever be lonely: life is always around you. Even if you are sitting in a Himalayan cave you are not lonely because the rocks are there, the birds are there, the trees are there and the rivers are there. Maybe there is no human being, but just the presence of human beings does not make company. One can be alone in a crowd; people are alone in crowds.

And not to be in human company does not mean aloneness if one knows how to remain non-resistant, not to fight. The third thing is always to remain in a let-go, relaxed, as if you are not going anywhere. We are here, we have been here always and we will be here always and always; there is no hurry, there is no haste. Then one can taste each moment in its radiance, in its utter benediction.

Source: from Osho Book “Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot”

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