Osho - Blessed are the meek

Osho – Deva means divine, and dhurva means fresh grass, just sprouting… very green, delicate – divine grass. And there is a particular meaning in it.

A man can exist in two ways: either like a very strong tree – resistant, fighting, stubborn – or like small grass – non-resistant, non-fighting, ready to yield. and that should be your way. don’t resist, don’t fight. Just yield like grass. The wind comes – yield… not even a single effort to fight with the wind. the wind will be gone and the grass will stand again.

Once the big trees have fallen, they cannot stand again. They are representatives of ego. The grass is symbolic of non-ego. And in life, surrender is the key. Whatsoever happens, surrender to it.

Jesus has a very tremendous saying: ’Resist not evil.’ Even evil should not be resisted. Even if death is happening, allow it to happen… go with it. Jesus carried his cross to the hill. Even if death is coming and you have to carry your cross, carry it. Don’t escape from any reality, don’t hide and don’t fight, and suddenly you will see that great things have started happening.

Otherwise ninety-nine percent of our energy is wasted in fighting – and it leads nowhere! Because through fight there is only defeat. Through fight, victory is impossible, because we are fighting the vast – and we are very tiny… a drop fighting the ocean, a leaf fighting the whole tree. It is absurd, it is ridiculous. The whole idea of will is ridiculous.

See grass bending with the wind – feel the same way. Let that be your meditation. See strong trees fighting the wind and know that this is not your way. And read lao tzu, tao, mm? because this is his whole teaching – to be just like grass. He teaches the watercourse way. Water is very soft, rocks are very hard – resistant, fighting – but eventually rocks are turned into sand and the water goes on flowing the same way.

If you see a waterfall, you cannot believe that the water is ever going to win – but it wins! The weaker wins. That’s what jesus says: ’Blessed are the meek, because theirs is the kingdom of god!’ So be meek, humble, like the grass – bending, not fighting.

Your name will remind you. It is one of the most beautiful names. And in india, it is very symbolic. Hindus go to their temples with dhurva to offer to god. They take fresh, new leaves of grass, and they offer those grass leaves to god – not even flowers, just grass leaves. Because they say that a flower is a great thing. A buddha can offer a flower – he is a flower. How can they offer? They are not flowers yet. At the most they are grass leaves – just sprouting – and indicating that they will not resist god. If he comes they will bend with him. If he comes, they will dance with him. If he doesn’t come, they will wait for him….

Source – Osho Book “The Buddha Disease”

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