Osho on Buddha Teaching on Body

Buddha Sutra : “For behold your body — A painted puppet, a toy, Jointed and sick and full of false imaginings, A shadow that shifts and fades”.

Osho on above Buddha Sutra – Buddha says, don’t be too much attached to the body, don’t get identified with the body, beware! That is a bondage. Live in the body, use the body, but be alert — it is not you.

FOR BEHOLD YOUR BODY…. If you want to create light in yourself, this is the beginning: BEHOLD YOUR BODY — A PAINTED PUPPET, A TOY, JOINTED AND SICK AND FULL OF FALSE IMAGININGS, A SHADOW THAT SHIFTS AND FADES. How many people have lived on the earth? And they have all faded away, dust unto dust, they have all disappeared — as if they had never existed at all. And the same is going to happen to you, to everybody.

Today you are here, tomorrow you are gone. And then it is only in a few people’s memories that you will live for a few days; they will remember you — just a memory, a picture in their minds. And then those people will die and even the memory will fade away. After two thousand years, do you think there will be anybody who will know that you had ever existed? It is just a shadow, momentary; even though the moment lasts for seventy years, eighty years, it doesn’t matter.

Buddha says truth is eternal, and whatsoever is not eternal is a dream — beware of the dreams! And your mind is also part of your body; that’s why he says beware of false imaginings. Your mind goes on giving you false ideas; it says, “Look how healthy I am, how strong I am, look how beautiful I am.” It goes on deceiving you, it goes on telling you that death always happens to others, not to you. Nobody is an exception. And the mind is such a deceiver, so cunning, so crafty that it can make you believe anything. It can make you believe in money, and you will have to leave all your money when you go. But you cling to money, people are ready to die for money.

In fact, that’s how many people die: their whole lives are spent accumulating money; they sell their lives just to accumulate a few pieces of gold. That gold will remain here and you will be gone, and the gold has no attachment to you. It is you who have created all kinds of attachments.

And the mind always goes on creating a future; it goes on saying to you, “What has not happened yet is going to happen tomorrow — wait!” It keeps you hoping, it keeps you trying in new ways, in new pastures. If this woman has not satisfied you then the mind says, “It is because this woman is such — find another!” And this will go on and on. If this man is not satisfactory, the mind says, “It is because this man is wrong.” But the mind never allows you to see the fact that no man, no woman, can ever satisfy anybody. Satisfaction is not possible in this world. Contentment is possible only when you move into your state of being, when you become a no-mind. Contentment is the flavor of no-mind. And when you can manage, mind gives you fantasies, foolish, stupid, absurd. But mind is a great seducer….

Muriel and Tina were discussing their recent experiences over cocktails.
“Say,” asked Muriel, “how did you make out with that eccentric millionaire you met yesterday?”
“He gave me five hundred dollars,” said Tina. “That screwball wanted to make it in a coffin.”
“No kidding!” exclaimed Muriel. “I’ll bet that shook you up?”
“Yeah, but not as much as the six pall-bearers.”

The mind can seduce you into anything, into any stupid thing. And once anything gets into your mind, it tortures you, it haunts you. You have to do it — it seems that is the only way to get rid of it. But before you get rid of it, mind gives you another idea. Mind is very inventive as far as imagination is concerned. Mind can go on inexhaustibly creating new ideas for you; that’s what has been happening for centuries, for lives. You have lived in this world for so many lives repeating the same kinds of things again and again, maybe a little bit different but the things are the same… and still you go on hoping.
Buddha says beware of the false imaginings; the body is a shadow, you have to leave it one day. You are not it.

Source – Osho Book “The Dhammapada, The Way of The Buddha, Vol 5”

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