Osho - There is no sinner, no saint

Osho – This existence is neither impure nor pure. There is nobody who is a sinner and nobody who is a saint. Buddha’s insight is utterly revolutionary: he says nothing can be impure and nothing can be pure; things are just as they are. It is all mind games that we play around, and we create the idea of purity — and then comes impurity. We create the idea of the saint — and then in comes the sinner.

You want sinners to disappear? They can disappear only when your saints have disappeared, not before that. They exist together. You want immorality to disappear? — then morality has to go. It is morality that creates immorality. It is the moral ideals that create condemnation for a few people who cannot follow them, who cannot go with them. And you can make anything immoral — just create an idea: This is moral. You can make a holy cow out of anything, and then it becomes a problem.

Buddha says nothing is ever defiled and nothing is ever immaculate. Purity, impurity, are mind attitudes. Can you tell about a tree whether it is moral or immoral? Can you say about an animal that he’s a sinner or a saint? Try to see this ultimate vision: there is no sinner, no saint, nothing moral, nothing immoral. In this acceptance, where is the possibility of worrying?

There is nothing to improve either! And there is no goal, because there is no value. This journey is a journey without any goal. It is a pure journey; it is a play, a leela. And there is nobody behind it, doing it. All is happening, and there is nobody doing it. If the doer is there then the problem arises — then pray to the doer, then persuade the doer, then become friends with the doer. Then you will be benefitted, and those who are not friends with the doer will be deprived — they will suffer in hell. That’s what Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans think.

Mohammedans think those who are Mohammedans are going to heaven and those who are not, poor fellows, they are going to hell. And the same is the case with Christians and Hindus: the Hindus think those who are not Hindus have no chance; the Christians think those who don’t come through the church, those who don’t pass through the church, are going to suffer eternal hell — not limited, unlimitedly, forever.

Buddha says: There is no sinner, no saint; nothing is pure, nothing is impure, things are as they are. Just try to persuade a tree, ask the tree, “Why are you green? Why are you not red?” And if the tree listens to you, she will go neurotic — “Why am I not red? Why? Really, the question is relevant. Why am I green?” Condemn the green and praise the red, and sooner or later you will find the tree on some psychiatrist’s couch being analyzed, helped.

First you create the problem, and then comes the savior. It is a beautiful business. Buddha cuts the very root. He says: You are the way you are. There is nothing to improve, nowhere to go. And this is my whole approach too: you are as perfect as you can be, more is not possible. The ‘more’ will only create trouble for you. The idea of ‘more’ will drive you mad. Accept nature, live naturally, simply, spontaneously, moment-to-moment, and there is holiness — because you are whole, not because you have become a saint.

Source – Osho Book “The Heart Sutra”

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