osho copyrights ownership update

two websites very popular among osho sannyasins have recently received notice from osho international foundation (OIF) for copyrights infringement.

In the past few years many beautiful osho websites

are pulled down by osho international foundation.

This time the attacked sites are www.oshorajneesh.com and www.messagefrommasters.com


was attacked for freely sharing:

osho books

osho songs

osho meditation music

osho silver platter

osho photos

osho arts and osho signatures

the twist in this osho copyright controversy is the legal information provided by

Osho Friends International (OFI) Holland legal adviser: Ma Deva Sangeet.

Ma Deva Sangeet is the sannyasin who won osho trademark case for us.

According to facts made available OFI website about osho copyrights

it is very clear that NO BODY OWNS OSHO COPYRIGHTS

but unfortunately very few people knows real facts of osho copyright case

and this ignorance of sannyasins about osho copyrights

is being exploited by osho international foundation to

shut down beautiful osho websites spreading masters message worldwide.

so what can we do in spreading osho message worldwide

just spread this pdf which explains that no one owns osho copyrights


spread this information worldwide to all sannyasins and osho centers

so they become aware of the legal facts to osho copyrights and to osho trademarks

and to their legal rights as osho centers worldwide

for more details visit


10 thoughts on “osho copyrights ownership update – NO ONE OWNS OSHO COPYRIGHTS”
  1. Osho is for everyone…no restrictions pls….

    let words of osho spread…

    i myself downloaded from “message from masters”….this is sad they r attacking these sites….

    1. throughout his life he found his teachings being distorted, utilized and misinterpreted by others. but he never commented or regretted. i believe his words are pure poetry. a true poetry even though it is misinterpreted, distorted never dies. rather comes out with more power and potential. ramayana and mahabharata are the living examples in india. we can’t count how many versions of ramayana is found in india. every village has its own version of ramayana. every village believes that rama traveled across their village once upon a time. therefore it is still alive. we understand someone only after making him like us, by familiarizing him according to us. otherwise it is impossible to understand anything. let every individual interpret osho in his own manner this is how osho can live throughout the time. his strict disciples should not forget that his meditation is oceanic not a secured secluded swimming pool experience.

  2. thanks to internet
    open to those looking and open minded

    how and who utilized any names ?

    t.n.vasudevamurthy September 27, 2011 at 4:58 am
    throughout his life he found his teachings being distorted, utilized and misinterpreted by others. but he never commented or regretted.

  3. Please do not take away these free sites , they provide a tremendous change in people, this was what osho would have wished , please do look into the need of these sites for the changes to occur in this wide world, they spread fast through these websites if they cease to exist his words would not spread and i think osho would bless to continue these sites.

  4. It seems 2 me that OIF has become a commercial organisation!What would Osho say to u if he was in this planet!?If you r truly lovers of Osho,Or at least u want the Osho’s insights to be expanded ,pls encourage others to do that! Osho and his insights are NOT yours to sell it!!

  5. definitely need the allowing of these free material , without the free sites, i wouldn’t have managed as well years back. tough times. what? people taking and distorting Osho’s work? is it safe to say all the free sites are not distorted as well?. (no i can see the Truth in a teaching but are there those i need to be aware of?)

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