Osho on Light

Osho : Prem Ellen. Prem means love; Ellen means light. Love is the only light there is in life. Love is the inner light. It needs no fuel; it is eternal. It is not caused by anything, hence it cannot be turned off.

Anything that can be put on can be turned off. It is simply there; you cannot put it on, you cannot put it off. This light, this love, has not to be invented but only to be discovered or rediscovered.

And sannyas is nothing but an inquiry into this inner world of love and light. They are two aspects of the same phenomenon: when you look in, it is light; when you share it with others, it is love. When you are alone with it, it is light; when you communicate it to others, it is love.

Light communicated is love; love burning inside as an alone flame is light. And this is the whole quest of humanity, to discover it. Once you have discovered it all fear of death disappears, because then there is no death.

And all fear of darkness disappears because then there is no darkness either. The experience of the light is so tremendous that people have given it names: God, nirvana, enlightenment, moksha. It is so huge that no ordinary words can contain it; hence every language has invented words for it. God is not a person, neither is nirvana a place.

These are different names for that experience of light. When it explodes within you it is so much, uncontainable, inexpressible, inexhaustible, that one is simply drowned in it, one is simply drunk with it, and drunk forever. There is no coming back; once gone into it one is gone forever.

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