Osho on Exploring Death

Osho – [To an elderly sannyasin] Because the last days of the life should be totally devoted to prayer, to meditation, to god. One has to prepare for death. And death is more important than life, because life is just superficial.

Death will take you to the ultimate core of existence. It will reveal to you the eternal. Much has to be prepared; otherwise people die in a state of unconsciousness. They live unconscious – they were sleep-walkers in their lives – and they die unconscious. They miss all.

Death has to be explored, and with tremendous joy, because you are not going to die! You are the very principle of life – there is no possibility for it to be destroyed. Only the shell around you will die, only the body will be gone, not you, and when the body falls you become infinite, you become unbounded. So the preparation for life is very ordinary; any school, college, university can do it.

Now you have to be part of my university. We teach death – how to prepare for it and how to be able to celebrate it. If one can die dancing one has overcome death. And that is the whole purpose of life: to overcome death, to know that death is false, to experience that life never begins, never ends, to come to an existential understanding of one’s own eternity, timelessness….

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