Osho - Your death can become your satori

[A sannyasin with terminal cancer and a few weeks to live is returning to the west. Osho blesses him.]

Osho – Don’t be worried… don t be worried. I am coming with you; don’t be worried at all. You have taken it really as it should be taken. I have been very happy. Just accept everything, and something is possible through that acceptance. Even if death comes one has to accept it joyously, as a gift from god. That is the way we can transform even the nature of death; that’s the way to transcend death.

Death is going to come to everybody. It makes not much difference when; when is irrelevant. Today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow – time is not of any significance. Death comes, death has already come with one’s birth, so we are all going to die. All that can be done is in how we die.

Death cannot be avoided, nobody can avoid it; that is the only thing in life which is inevitable. So it is useless to think to avoid it. The only thing which can be done and which is of great significance is how to go through it, how to live it, how to live one’s death. Live meditatively, live lovingly, take it as a gift, and you will be surprised: death will reveal to you more than life has given. Your death can become your satori.

And I have been very happy that you have been accepting things so easily, so relaxedly…. I am with you, and I am going to make this death far more valuable than life itself. There are people who live and live in vain; and there are people who die but who die in such an artistic way, with such skill. with such awareness, that even death becomes a blessing. So if it comes, it comes; that is nothing to be worried about. Never pay a single thought to it….

Just enjoy and be happy. And because days are few one has to live very intensely and joyously. Others can afford… they will be living for a few more years so they can afford to waste life; You can’t afford to. You have to live each moment. Each moment is so precious.

So be meditative, be relaxed, be accepting. If it comes, we are going to transform it. If it doesn’t come, we will wait! When it comes we will transform it then…. You will be able to attain to a great freedom through it, so simply go. And your friends, your family, they may be disturbed. Tell them not to be disturbed, because they can affect you. Just tell them joyously that it is nothing to be worried about.

Source – Osho Book “Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing”

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