Osho on being Total in action

Question – Beloved Osho, Can you please talk about what it means to be total? Is it the same as not being split, or is there more to it?

Osho – Not to be split, not to be schizophrenic, is only the beginning. And then there is the whole infinity, the whole eternity of ecstasy, blissfulness, understanding, awareness. There is much more to it. My insistence on being total in each of your acts is just to give you the first step.

But the first step itself is so blissful, you would like to go a little more ahead, because the second step will be facing you…. There is no end, you simply go on and on and on, and everything goes on expanding. Even the sky is not the limit! You can spread yourself over the whole existence.

But a split person dies without knowing anything of life. And to make you split is very simple. Every society — cultured, uncultured, primitive, contemporary — they all have used the same methods to split you. The split is: they give you certain commandments — Do this, don’t do that.

And the strategy is, what they say to do is unnatural, and what they say not to do is natural. Now you are split. The child is helpless. He has to listen to the parents, to the teachers. He has to do things which he never wanted to do. He cannot do things which he has always been wanting to do. The split has happened.

Now there are two persons in you: one, the unnatural, the conditioned; the other, the natural, that you have brought with yourself. And just as the method to split is easy, the method to drop the split is even more easy.

Do whatever you want to do. Never do anything that goes against your nature. Whoever has said it — Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Confucius — whoever has said it does not matter. What matters is your natural self.

Follow your nature, and drop all conditionings, programs that have been given to you by others. This makes you total. And this is only the first step of the pilgrimage towards eternity.

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