Osho everything is good as it is

Osho – Just explaining this to you: that there is no goal, that there is nothing to achieve, that everything is good as it is.

I will tell you a Sufi story:

There is a story told by Sufis about a man who read that certain dervishes, on the orders of their Master, never touched meat and did not smoke. Since this tends to fit in with certain well-established beliefs, especially in the West, this man made his way to the ZAWIA — assembly place — of the illuminated ones, to sit at their feet. They were all over ninety years old.

Sure enough, there they were, not a spot of nicotine or shred of animal protein among them, and our hero gasped with delight as he sat drinking in the unpolluted air and tasting the bean-curd soup which they provided. He hoped that he would at least live to a hundred.
Suddenly one of them whispered, “Here comes the great Master!” And all stood up as the venerable sage came in. He smiled benignly and went into the house, heading for his quarters. He did not look a day over fifty.

“How old is he, and what does he eat?” asked the enraptured visitor.
“He is one hundred and fifty years old, and I don’t suppose any of us will reach that venerable age and station,” wheezed one of the ancients. “But, of course, he is allowed twenty cigars and three steaks a day, since he is now beyond being affected by frivolities and temptations!”

It is a beautiful story. There comes a moment when a man goes beyond all duality — then he is allowed everything. I can talk about the future because I live in the present — it is allowed! And I can talk about saving the world from the third world war because I have no desires left — it is allowed.

I can go on teaching you day in, day out, year in, year out, saying continuously, hammering continuously: “There is no goal, no purpose, nothing to achieve.” Still it is allowed to me to teach you.

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