Osho on Life and Change

Osho : Life has no security; it thrives in danger. It has no safety; it is possible only in danger. Death is safe and secure; life is a risk. Hence those who really want to live have to take many risks. They have to go on moving into the unknown.

They have to learn one of the most fundamental lessons: that there is no home; that life is a pilgrimage, no beginning, no end. Yes, there are places where you can rest, but those are just overnight stays and in the morning you have to move again.

Life is a constant movement, it never comes to any end; that’s why life is eternal. Death has a beginning and an end. But you are not death; you are life. Death is a misconception. People create death because they long for security. It is the desire for security and safety that creates death, that makes one afraid of life, that makes one hesitant of moving into the unknown.

Life’s only nourishment is risk: the more you risk, the more alive you are. And once you understand it, not out of despair, not out of helplessness, but out of meditative awareness – once you understand it you are thrilled by the sheer beauty of its possibility.

Life is something impossible. It should not be but it is. It is a miracle that we are, that trees are, that birds are. It is really a miracle, because the whole universe is dead. Millions and millions of stars and millions and millions of solar systems are dead.

Only on this small planet earth, which is nothing – if you think of its proportion it is just a particle of dust – life has happened on it. This is the most fortunate’ place in the whole of existence. Birds are singing, trees are growing, blooming, people are there, loving, singing, dancing. Something just unbelievable has happened. To become aware of it, to welcome it, to rejoice in it, is sannyas. To trust it is sannyas. To go with it with no idea where it is leading is sannyas. To be surrendered to it is sannyas.

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