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Osho – In India, the ancient story of the Hindu religion is that Rama, their incarnation of God, was fighting against Ravana, who ruled over Sri Lanka, Ceylon, and was nothing but the devil incarnate. And this is absolutely false. He was one of the most learned men the world has known. And if he was against Rama, he had valid reasons for it.

In India, it was a custom, when a princess was going to be married, then all the kings who wanted to marry her would be invited, and they would be given some task to do. The princess would accept the one who could do the task and garland him as her husband.

One beautiful princess, Sita, was going to be married. All the kings were invited; Rama was invited, Ravana was invited, and it was absolutely certain that the task was such that perhaps only Ravana would be able to fulfill it.

There was a very big bow of Shiva, so heavy that you could not move it even, and the task was to take it up and break it into two pieces just with your bare hands. It was as solid as steel. Many kings tried; they could not even lift it up. The question of breaking it would not arise. There were a few who could not even move it on the ground.

Ravana was a very mighty king — physically a King Kong — so there was every fear… and Rama was just a boy. So the only way was somehow to take Ravana out of the competition. So a conspiracy was done by Rama. A messenger, a false messenger, was sent who informed Ravana, just as he was standing up, “Lord, your capital in Sri Lanka is on fire.”

And he had made his capital perhaps the most beautiful capital of those days. It it said his capital was made completely out of gold. Naturally, he rushed. And you will be surprised, because from Ayodhya, India, Ceylon is thousands of miles away.

But Indian scriptures have every description, detailed descriptions of airplanes — he went in his airplane immediately, but found that it was a false report. And in the meantime, Rama broke the bow, married Sita, and this was the reason why finally Ravana stole Sita from Rama’s hands. So Hindus think that Ravana was a devil, and the kingdom of Ceylon was the kingdom of devils.

It is always easy to keep yourself divine, full of light, and to describe anybody who is hostile to you as devils, as darkness. But even the idea, to describe others as devils, darkness, and think of yourself as light, is ugly. And you are asking me, “What is the case with you?”

I am neither light nor darkness. I have transcended the duality in all the dimensions. I look at life as an organic whole. So either you can say I am both light and darkness, or you can say I am neither.
But you have to understand the fact that both are possible as plausible descriptions of me, because I am only a witness. Light comes: I see. Darkness comes: I see.

A saint comes: I see. A sinner comes: I see. I am just a mirror, so whatever is in front of me is reflected. But the mirror is not a film plate; the moment you have moved, the mirror is empty again. In my room I am sitting empty. Most of my day is just a mirror, mirroring nothing. Only when I come to you, or to some interview, to the press, the media, then my mirror reflects.

Whatever I say is not prepared. I don’t know myself what my mirror is going to reflect, because it depends on you, your question. I am transcendental, and that’s what I want you to be. Meditation takes you beyond the opposites, the contradictions, and makes you a pure witness. And to be a pure witness is the ultimate goal of consciousness.

There is nothing beyond it, because whatever will be happening, you will remain the witness. Even if God comes in front of you, you will be only a witness. Witnessing is the highest point of the evolution of consciousness. That’s why I have dropped God, paradise, hell, heaven. What is the point of all this paraphernalia? Stick to the basic essential, and that is: be a witness.

Right now, you are!
Are you not witnessing this silence?
Try to keep this flavor as long as you can.
Slowly slowly it becomes your very existence.

It is — you just have to discover it.

28 thoughts on “Osho discourse on Lord Rama and Sita”
  1. I love osho. That is but natural, because he is lovely.
    For the first time I see my dear Master really prattling. He forgets that Bhagawan Valmiki is the unquestionable authority on the happenings in Srimadh Ramayana. Valmiki was very fair in reporting the events in the form of his poems. Barring poetical exaggerations which is a legitimate right, he stuck to object truth. Other wise, why should he say about Vali episode which does not show Sri Ram in good light?
    My dear Sir, do not quote invalid Ramayan and build your arguments – I am sorry Yopu are incorrect for the first time

  2. I have read all that Osho says are ture. But unfortunately, this time I am not in favour of his statement i.e – “So a conspiracy was done by Rama. A messenger, a false messenger, was sent who informed Ravana, just as he was standing up, “Lord, your capital in Sri Lanka is on fire.”
    It is absolutely wrong. it is not written like this in the Ramayan by Balmiki. I regret that how Osho can commit such mistake.
    That’s all.

    1. to a human being its impossible to know who is speaking truth and when. we dont have any instrument to know whether person is speaking truth or lie . so in abscence of natural truth detector person fools other person. we dont know whether matterial of these scripture books was absolutely right or manipulated by its writer as per his liking. so we spend our whole life in “believing” everything, whatsoever written by anybody, whatsoever said by somebody. we dont have time and tools to “know” so we believe everything, and believing is very good for ous bcoz its very easy task. who knows what’s right and what’s wrong. dont waste your precious time fiddling around here and there and search for that thing which can really help you to know yourself. as socrates said “know thyself”.

      1. well said! people are too busy judging, they judge everyTHING, and as osho said he will be misunderstood if he says something that does not apply to ones conditioning.

  3. That’s fine my dear friends..my question is how you are beliving valmiki..Have you met him or how you can say valmiki is right..The basic fact is come out of the trap of right or wrong..
    The data which is provided by our elders needs to be removed from our minds the elders may be valmiki or osho..Be with your self take the help of lord rama or osho we need to just be out of the business and be with us through meditation. Neither rama or osho will not make us enlightened beings its our responsibility to bow down our heads and walk on that way..

    Fianlly at the end there is no difference between rama and osho if they are enlightened beings now they are part of the existence.

    1. Very well said, who cares about the persons in the history. The most important thing is the present moment according to osho. He never criticised anyone nor he favoured any one.He was only interested in the growth of every human being. He used these stories to only to shackle our minds..

  4. I bow to osho for his great pravachan ,but in this time he said about lord ram, it hurt my heart. Osho should not said like this. Lord gautam budha is lord ram. No distence among them. Whenever,wherever osho speaks bad comment about lord ram. It is not good. He have to speak carefully about hindu lord.

  5. Well it is difficult to find difference between rama and ravana. what rama done to a shudra is a devil’s act too. SO THEIR IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DEMON AND GOD’S .

  6. This is a great folly of Osho. Though knowledgable, he lies often just to substantiate his viewpoints. Here he is caught redhanded in lying about Lord Ram. There is no such incident in Valmiki’s Ramayana. Moreover, his comments about Lord Rama clearly shows his limited perception of the Ultimate Truth.

    Shree Rama Jayam!

    1. What about the dastardly act of pouring molten lead into the ears of the shudra? Can your expanded perception digest this?

  7. Dear All who think Mr.Osho is wrong…
    Why not consider the fact that what Mr.Osho said is right, what if Lord Ram like he behaved with baali behave during the swayamvar.

    How many of you know whether the Valmiki ramayana is the correct and true version?…

    So, though I respect your opinions I feel we must try to know what the truth is before even condracting somebody’s views.

    Let us forget all this, and let us live and let live.Let us not worry ourselves of the religious right and wrong because every religion teaches you to love. Let us not prove others wrong let us do what is right.

    GOD Bless us all.

  8. Oh Dear Osho,
    What you have done ? You don’t know. May Almighty give you ‘Sadhbudhi’ (show you enlightenment). Every body is finding faults in others. Search inside, Innerself, Ist Introspect. …..It is very easy to cast aspersion on any body. Please spare God. Be know that if one spits on sun….what happens ? You are wiseman.

  9. Osho is right, in everythiing He says,He is my master and generally people are not matured to understand Him.

  10. Osho’s intention was to liberate our consciousness from old scriptures and rituals.
    Rama and Osho are enlightened Gurus. The diffence happens only in Time and Space.

  11. I respect Osho but many time osho quoted totally wrong stories. It is true Ravana was very learned person but he was most egotist person in world, he ordered people to worship himself, his followers enforced sages and other people to worship ravana instead of lord Visnu and others, this is proved by not only by Ramayana but also by many other Purans and strotras. Everyone knows that when a person got more power than he deserve, he become cruel and less human. There are many example in history like hitler saddam hussain etc. Ravana got power by boon of lord Shiva, after getting power ravana arrogantly tried this power against the lord shiva also, he tried to uproot kailash mountain the abode of lord shiva. When lord shiva pushed the mountain by his littlest toe, ravana pinned under mountain then he prayed lord shiva by Shiv Tandav Strotra and then pleased by ravana’s prayer lord shiva released him from bondage. This incident show ungratefulness of ravana. It is also well known that ravana tried to lift Lord Shiv’s bow but failed and lord Ram was incarnation of lord Visnu thats why he easily broke the Shiv’s bow. It is also well known that osho was an atheist he did not respect Hindu’s Gods thats why he narrated wrong stories to his disciples especially to foreigners who did not know much about Hindu scriptures.

  12. I have read that there are many versions of Ramayana, not valmiki alone. I have read
    once Jaina Ramayana, wherein Hanuman is a married person, not bachelor. So,
    I think Osho would have rendered on the basis of some other version of Ramayana. I was stunned when I first heard about his library, huge one. There are many versions of Ramayana. I heard that Indonesia has one version. So we should not confine to single version. Otherwise we shall get trapped into arguments which does not prove worth to anyone. We are here to share things, not to argue. I suggest if anyone
    one could find the no. of versions of ramayana with their authors, it would be helpful to one and all. Thank u fellows!

    1. All hindu mythologies were written in sanskrit. A sanskrit word has more than a dozen meaning. Some people had translated it with theirown view. So some of the character became god, like Rama. The puranas created by Aryans. Ravana was a dravida. So he became a demon

  13. Dear, friends
    dont believe osho or valmiki or
    these words

    all words are wrong
    all sound is false

    just see what is there
    dont make any comments

    then you will be OSHO
    this is essence..

    osho is not great
    osho is very great


  14. I am commenting again after two years! I started the discussion. I repeatedly thought why my dear Master always comments on Sri ram with a bit of derision. Atlast the answer occurred to my mind and I want to share it with you all. Yes, the answer is that Osho is not commenting on Ram, but on Himself. Do we not regret our yesterdays folleies? He has the right to comment this way on Ram. But I am a poor soul who could not stand this. hence I appologise with you all. One more thing, Osho is not an ethiest, nor he is against “Hindu Gods”. Please read him about Lord Krishna. To me He is not different from Krishna.

  15. Valmiki ramayana is considered as the original version by many scholors across India.
    My question is how many of us have read it in its original form?Is the original scripture still exists?Why should we always consider osho as right and authority on valmiki ramayana?
    Our love towards osho is un conditional and we should not judge osho by his words.
    Many a times his every second sentence looks like a contradiction to his first sentence.

  16. osho,gurgieff,christ,krishna,kabir,all have a plan to save earth from nuclear weapons.thank u new krishna for making us aware.

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