Osho on George Santayana
George Santayana

Osho : Kabir’s religion is very aesthetic, artistic. He’s a great poet – uneducated though. But what does poetry have to do with education? A great poet, one of the greatest; his poetry is simply sublime, not of this world. He says: One has to look for beauty. It is all over; the whole of nature is full of beauty.

And beauty is nothing but God hidden. All beauty is His. When you see a beautiful human face – a man’s, a woman’s – it is God’s face. When you look into two beautiful eyes, you are entering into the temple of God. When you see a flower opening, it is an invitation from God.

I have heard…. Thirty-eight years ago, philosopher George Santayana came into a sizeable legacy and was able to relinquish his post on the Harvard faculty. The classroom was packed for his final appearance, and Santayana did himself proud. He was about to conclude his remarks when he caught sight of a forsythia uncurling in a patch of muddy snow outside the window.

He stopped abruptly, picked up his hat, gloves, and walking stick, and made for the door. There he turned. ‘Gentleman,’ he said softly. ‘I shall not be able to finish that sentence. I have just discovered that I have an appointment with April.’

Each flower is an invitation, an appointment with God. Each song of the bird, and each cloud floating in the sky, is something like a message, a coded message. You have to decode it, you have to look deep into it, you have to be silent and listen to the message.

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