Osho discourse on real knowledge and knowing

Osho : Unless the knowledge is your own, there will always be a rift between what you know and what you do. Because whatsoever you do cannot be transformed by knowledge gathered from others; it cannot be changed by borrowed knowledge.

It changes only when your insight flowers. It is difficult to have a synthetic, harmonious life between what you know and what you do. Watch it. Whatsoever you do, in fact, that is indicative that only that is what you know. Whatsoever you know and you don’t do, that you don’t know at all. Drop it, throw it! It is rubbish!

Watch your doing, because that is your real knowledge. You say anger is bad and you don’t want to do it, but then somebody insults and you become angry and you say, ‘What to do? In spite of me I became angry. I know very well that anger is bad, poisonous, destructive.

I know it, but what to do? — I became angry.’ If you come to me, I will say, ‘You don’t know that anger is poisonous. You have heard about it. Deep down you know that anger is necessary; deep down you know that without anger you will lose your standing, everybody will be bullying you. Without anger, you will not have any spine; your pride will be shattered.

Without anger, how can you exist in this world of continuous struggle for survival?’ This is what you know, but you say, ‘I know anger is poisonous.’ Buddha knows anger is poisonous. You have heard Buddha, you have listened to Buddha, you have learned something from him — but that is his knowledge. Whatsoever is your doing, remember — it is your knowing.

Go deep into your doing to find out exactly what you know. And if you want to transform your doing, then borrowed knowledge won’t do. If you really want to know what anger is, go into it, meditate over it, taste it in many ways, allow it to happen inside you, be surrounded by it, be clouded by it, feel all the pang and the pain and the hurt of it, and the poison, and how it brings you low, how it creates a dark valley for your being, how you fall into hell through it, how it is a downward flow.

Feel it, know it. And that understanding will start a transformation in you. To know truth is to be transformed. Truth liberates — but it must be your own.

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