Osho discourse on Selfish Pride

Patanjali Yoga Sutra : It is difficult to Subdue Selfish Pride.

Osho on above sutra : One of the most arduous things in life is not to think of oneself as extraordinary. Of course, this is the most ordinary thing in the world to think, because everybody thinks he is extraordinary. Everybody thinks he is extraordinary, so the feeling of being extraordinary is the most ordinary thing. Look around — still you go on thinking that you are extraordinary.

Buddha says it is very difficult, but if you really want to move on the path, start feeling… just be ordinary. Don’t claim any extraordinariness. And this is the beauty of the whole thing — the moment you become ordinary, you become extraordinary.

The moment you don’t claim that you are exceptional, you are exceptional… because the claim is so ordinary. Everybody is claiming he is unique, exceptional. People may say, may not say, but deep down they know who they are. Become alert. How can you be extraordinary?

Either everybody is extraordinary, then you are also extraordinary — but what is the point? If extraordinariness is just a common quality of everybody, then what is the point of claiming it? Either everybody is extraordinary, because everybody comes from the same source of existence, or everybody is ordinary, because everybody comes from the same source of existence. Whatsoever you think about you, think about others also.

And whatsoever you think about others, think about yourself also. And then pride will disappear. Pride is always vain. Pride is always for wrong reasons. Pride is like a fever and you can never be healthy with it. It is a temperature.

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