Osho on Sex outside Marriage

Question – What is your attitude toward Sex, and Sex outside of marriage?

Osho – Sex is very important because sex is the root of life. You are born out of sex, your every cell in the body is a sex cell. Sex cannot be denied and any society that denies sex becomes suicidal. Then it is denying life itself.

So sex is very significant, very meaningful. But you can do two wrong thinks with sex. One is, you can be suppressive. Then you create perversions. In the West, Christianity has created a very perverted mind throug too much of a ’no’ attitude toward sex, too much fear about sex. Too much suppression has created a reaction. That suppression will lead to perverted mind. So I am not for suppression. Nor am I for indulgence. Indulgence is again a reaction.

Indulgence is the opposite extreme to suppression. That, too, is not good. I am for healthy sex that is neither indulgence nor suppression. Sex must be accepted in its totality. Then the question of inside or outside of marriage is irrelevant because marriage is just a part of the social system; there is nothing natural about it.

To me, to be really authentic in your sex life you have to go beyond the structure of marriage. You become inauthentic in two ways. If someone is in a sexual relationship with someone that he or she doesn’t love, to me it is immoral.

Even if he or she is one’s husband or one’s wife, if one is not in love then it is immoral. If love is the base, only then can you be honest, sincere and authentic. If love is the base then marriage becomes, by and by, a superficial structure.

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