[The visitor replies: I think they are; the sannyasins want to be copies of you.]
Osho – That is their misunderstanding. If somebody wants to…. But I am continuously throwing them to themselves. And you need not be that way! Even if others are making the mistake you need not: you need not try to become a copy of me. Think about yourself. Why should you be worried about others? If they are going to hell, let them go. You can go to heaven! You can be a first-hand sannyasin.

Why be worried about others? These are just tricks of the mind, strategies of the mind to keep you in control. There is no need to be a copy, at least not here. Each of my sannyasins is individual; that’s my message to them. If somebody persists, insists, on being foolish, then it is his decision. But I am not helping anybody to become anybody else’s copy.

In fact that is not possible. Each individual is so unique. If you become a copy, you can become a copy only on the surface; deep inside you remain yourself. You can never be somebody else. Think about it, mm? And my feeling is that you are going to become a sannyasin from the head first. Feeling will take a long time, maybe lives. But if you become a sannyasin feeling may start flowing; that may be the beginning.

These things are so interrelated, just like the egg and the hen. You bring an egg: it can become the hen; you bring the hen, it can give you an egg. They go that way, parallel. Good: if it can happen from the heart it will change your head. If it happens from your head, it will start entering and filtering into the heart. But think! Whenever you feel, mm? Good!

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