Osho - Each person is potentially a god

[A seeker said that he had an experience following Kundalini meditation that had given him a great sense of joy. He had gazed at a tree and had become so filled with its beauty, so full of joy, that he felt he could not contain his feelings, and he became afraid.

Osho said that one’s capacity is limited in the beginning, but it increases as the joy increases. He said that just as the stomach gradually expands to accommodate more food as you increase the input, so the capacity to hold joy increases, and then the joy itself increases, and so on… they are interrelated.]

Osho – It is good to come to a point where your capacity is less than the joy. One should be grateful for it. If the capacity is more and the joy is not that much, you are poor, and you will always feel unfulfilled… A small seed goes on holding a very big tree. A big oak is hidden in a very small seed. Only the seed needs to die, and then it becomes infinitely capable, and a big tree arises out of it.

Each person is potentially a god – nobody is less than that. The seed just has to dissolve into the earth – and by seed, I mean ego – and then you have no end to your capacities, no limitations. The whole universe comes within you. Stars, galaxies upon galaxies, are within you, and the sun rises within you – you can hold the whole universe. That is the possibility. Potentially everyone is entitled to claim it, but we never claim it. We remain hidden behind the hard shell of the seed, and we remain afraid, afraid to die.

Unless you die, you cannot hold the infinite within you. So learn to die. That is what I am teaching here how to be capable of dying. In the very moment of death, abundant life happens to you. Fear will come many times. It is natural, but don’t be afraid of it. Accept it and go on.

Source – Osho Book “Nothing to Lose But Your Head

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