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Question – Having never had the opportunity to truly fall in love, to know that surrender, is that keeping me from truly falling in love with you, being in that mad state of love? Is it enough just to feel quiet love, respect — though not necessarily that odd form of insanity?

Osho – Don’t be worried. Because you must be comparing yourself with others, that creates the problem. This is YOUR odd kind of insanity.

Everybody has his own way of being in love. Never compare it. Somebody may be dancing, may be ecstatic and singing, and somebody else may be sitting silently with closed eyes. Both are mad in their own ways. Don’t think that you are not mad and the one who is dancing is mad, because one who is dancing will think, “Are you mad? You have fallen in love and are still sitting with closed eyes? What are you doing there? Dance!”

Everybody has his own way of madness also. Just as nobody has the same face as you, nobody has the same eyes as you, nobody has the same fingerprints as you — nobody has the madness that you have. Everything is unique.

Everybody falls in love in his own way. And it is good; it has to be so. Never compare. With comparison the trouble arises. Then you feel that you are missing something. Your love is calm and quiet and respectful. Then you start thinking there must be something wrong. Why are you not so passionately in love? Why are you not like a storm, why are you blowing like a small breeze? But that is your way. And God needs both. Storm and storm and storm…. He also needs a little rest. A little breeze is always handy.

Don’t be worried. This is how God is happening to you. Never compare. Just look within you and enjoy whatsoever is happening so it can happen more. Enjoy it, delight in it, and it will happen more. You may become even more gentle; even the breeze may disappear and stop. It has happened that way also. There are as many ways towards God as there are seekers. Everybody has his own way and there are no superways, remember — no superhighways. Everybody walks on his own path.

In fact, the path is not found ready-made. You create it by walking, and it disappears when you have gone on ahead. Nobody else can walk on it; it is never left behind. It is just like the birds flying in the sky. Once they have flown, they don’t leave any footprints. Nobody can follow it. There is no need. Don’t compare. Be contented with yourself. Enjoy, delight — help yourself to be yourself. This is YOUR way.

Source – Osho Book “Come Follow To You, Vol 2″

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