Osho - Existence only echoes our beings
Osho – Bliss is the juice of life. Bliss has already been given to you. It is your very center; without it you cannot exist at all. It is an undercurrent; we exist because of it.

Existence is impossible, you cannot exist even for a single moment, if bliss disappears as an undercurrent. To be aware of it is to become a Buddha. The only difference between an ordinary man and a Buddha or a Christ is that of awareness. Both are blissful; one knows, one knows not. When you know, great gratefulness arises, gratitude arises. When you don’t know you go on complaining ; you go on unnecessarily carrying a grudge, as if life is a burden. Life is a dance, not a burden! But we carry it like a burden, and when we carry it like a burden it becomes a burden, at least for our minds.

Underneath the current of bliss continues. It is just like breathing or blood circulating in the body. If the circulation stops for a single moment you will be dead — but you never become aware of the circulation. In fact for thousands of years doctors used to think that blood was simply contained inside the body. Just three hundred years ago they became aware that it circulates, that it is not just there like a liquid in a bottle but that it is continuously moving. Your body will die if the breathing stops.

Just as breathing, blood circulation, food, nourishment are necessary for the existence of the body, so bliss is necessary for the existence of the soul. But a little digging inside is needed so that we can uncover the undercurrent. Once you have known your blissfulness, the source of it, your whole vision changes, your whole perspective is new. Then you look at existence with new eyes. Then whatsoever you have found inside yourself you will find everywhere because whatsoever we are, we find in existence. Existence is simply a mirror: it reflects our real face with a mask, the mask is reflected.

Existence only echoes our beings. Once you have known that bliss is your nature then the whole nature of the universe becomes blissful. That is what is meant by realization, liberation.

Source – Osho Book “Scriptures in Silence and Sermons in Stones”

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