Osho God is Sat Chit Ananda

Osho : Once Rabiya, a woman Sufi mystic, was passing, and she saw Hassan, another Sufi, praying in the mosque with great fervor, tears rolling down his cheeks, hands raised to the sky. He was crying and weeping and saying to God, ”Come, open the door! Let me in!”

This was very usual with Hassan, almost an everyday ritual, five times a day. And he was doing it very sincerely. It was not just a ritual, not a mere ritual; his heart was in it. He was a man of great qualities. And Rabiya had heard him many times, and whenever she heard him she smiled, laughed, and went on her way.

But that day she went close to Hassan and shook him. Hassan looked at her, and Rabiya said, ”How long are you going to do it? I tell you, the doors are open! You need not ask Him again and again, ’When will you open the doors?’ Don’t be foolish! Enough is enough! I have heard enough of all this nonsense! The doors are open – just open your eyes and see!”

Rabiya’s statement goes far deeper than Jesus’ statement. Jesus says, ”Knock, and the doors shall be opened.” Rabiya says, ”Open your eyes – the doors are already open!”

And I am saying to you: God is already coming, God HAS come. He is standing at your doors. Open your doors, open your eyes, just open your heart! And certainly, when God’s energy showers on you, how can you feel you are worthy? Impossible!

The gift is so big, as if somebody has given a Kohinoor diamond to a beggar. He cannot believe it; he will think it must be an artificial thing, or maybe somebody is kidding: ”I am a beggar! Who can give me the Kohinoor diamond? Impossible! Maybe I am dreaming, maybe I have gone mad. This is an ordinary stone – I am projecting!”

That’s what happens to everybody when God comes in. But don’t become focused on it, become focused on God’s overflowing energy.  God IS overflowing energy, God is overflowing joy! God is SATCHITANANDA – overflowing truth, overflowing consciousness, overflowing bliss. Just whenever you are ready, receptive, it is going to happen. It could have happened at any time; no time was the wrong time, no time was an unripe time. It could not happen for just one single reason: because you were not open. And if you become obsessed with your unworthiness you will become closed again.

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