Osho on Hoarding and sharing

Osho – The real thing is not what you are giving — pearls and holiness and love — and TO WHOM you are giving; that is not the point. The point is that you are giving. When you have, give it.

Gurdjieff used to say, “All that I hoarded was lost, and all that I gave is mine. All that I gave is still with me, and all that I hoarded is lost, gone.” True: you have only that which you have shared. You have only as much love as you have shared. Love is not a property to be hoarded, it is a radiance, a fragrance to be shared. The more you share, the more you have; the less you share, the less you have. The more you share, the more will be arising from your innermost core — it is infinite: more will be welling up. Draw water from a well, and more water comes running fresh into the well. Don’t draw the water, close the well, become a miser, and no more springs will function. By and by, spring will become dead, blocked; and the water that is in the well will die, will become stale, dirty. The flowing water is fresh… the flowing love is fresh.

So the third step towards love is: share your positivities, share your life, share all that you have. Whatsoever beautiful is with you, never hoard it. Your wisdom, share; your prayer, share; your love, your happiness, your delight, share. Yes, if you cannot find anybody, share it with dogs — but share. Share it with rocks — but share. When you have pearls, throw them — don’t bother whether they are swine or saints, just throw them.

Hoarding poisons the heart. All hoarding is poisonous. If you share, your system will be free of poisons. And when you give, don’t bother whether it is responded to or not. Don’t even wait for a thank-you. Feel grateful to the person who allowed you to share something with him. Not otherwise — don’t wait, saying deep in your heart that he should be thankful because you shared something with him. No — feel thankful yourself that he was ready to listen to you, to share some energy with you… that he was ready to listen to your song… that he was ready to see your dance… that when you had come to give to him he didn’t reject — he could have rejected.

Sharing is one of the most spiritual virtues, one of the greatest spiritual virtues. And the fourth: be nothing. Once you start thinking that you are somebody, you stop; then love does not flow. Love flows only out of somebody who is a nobody. Love abides only in nothingness. When you are empty, there is love. When you are full of the ego, love disappears. Love and ego cannot exist together. Love can exist with God but cannot exist with the ego, because love and God are synonymous. Love and ego are impossible to be together. So be nothing. That is the meaning of being humble, meek. Says Jesus: Blessed are the meek, for theirs is the Kingdom of God.

source – osho book “the divine melody”

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