Osho – If you have really become quite useless, you have attained; now there is nothing to attain. And if you have really become quite useless, you will not bother about your financial situation. Whenever somebody becomes quite useless, the whole takes care. Still, something of the world of utility must be clinging to your mind; hence the question arises. If you have really become useless then you don’t worry about it: whether the next moment you exist or not can’t be a worry to you if you have really become useless.

Why do you bother? If the whole needs you for his hide-and-seek, for his play, he will take care. That’s why Jesus goes on saying to his disciples, “Look at the lilies in the field: they toil not, they are not worried about the morrow — and they are more beautiful than King Solomon ever was in all his glory.” He goes on saying, “Think not of the morrow.”

Once you are really useless you surrender to the divine; and if you are surrendered you will not ask, “Shall I just live on other people’s expenses?” Then who is the other? Then there is nobody who is the other. Then your pockets are others’ pockets and others’ pockets are your pockets. The other exists because of the ego — because I exist, that’s why the other exists. If I am not there then who is the other?

I have been living on other people’s expenses for years; and I don’t even thank them. Because what is the point to thank oneself? It will look foolish. This is the way I am enjoying, and if the whole wills me to be here I will be here. If he does not will me, that I am not needed at all, he will take me away. It is his worry. And if he wants me to be here he will put in somebody’s mind the idea to donate something to me. That’s for him to decide. And if you give something to me, he has to thank you. Why should I thank you? I don’t come in between. I have never thanked anybody, because that looks foolish.

I go on doing whatsoever I enjoy. If they are benefited by it, they need not feel obligated. This is my joy. I go on talking to you; this is my joy. Not that I am trying to help you — this is the way I enjoy myself. If you go on helping me that is your joy. Somehow I fulfill your need; you fulfill my needs. Finished. There is no point in talking about who is grateful to whom. It is one whole. The feeling that the other exists is because you exist. If you disappear, the other disappears.

And, then, the next moment is not the point to be worried about. This moment is enough. This moment is enough unto itself.

Source: from Osho Book “Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 6”

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