Osho on Surrender

Question – Beloved Osho, Sometimes it seems as if you are more surrendered to us than we are to you. Please comment.

Osho – It is true. I am not surrendered to you, to my people particularly. But because I have got rid of the ego, I am simply surrendered to the whole of existence — and you are part of it. So it can be felt that I am more surrendered to you than you are to me. It is a truth.

But it should be so. I should be more loving to you than you can be to me. I should be more understanding towards you than you can be towards me. In every sphere you are still growing, still finding the way, struggling with all the nonsense that has been forced upon you. And I am free of it. So my love will be purer than yours, my trust will be greater than yours.

It looks very absurd — that’s why the question has arisen — because the disciple should surrender to the master, not the master to the disciple. The disciple should trust the master, not the master trust the disciple. But these things must have been said by people who were not masters; otherwise the master is in a state of surrender — it does not matter to whom.

The master is in a state of love — it does not matter to whom. The master is simply a pure understanding. You are searching for it — he has found it. But there is no need to feel any guilt that you are not more surrendered, that you are not more trusting. It is a natural thing; there is no question of guilt.

In my life I have trusted so many people, and so many people have deceived me. But my trust is the same. It is not that their deception has made me withdraw my trust in humanity. Even if the whole humanity deceives me, then too, I will be in a state of trust.

It has nothing to do with the person who deceives; that is his problem. And I don’t have any condemnation either: he did what he could, and I am doing what I can. So do not even for a moment feel guilty that you are not up to standard.

You will be able to surrender to the master in the same way as the master has surrendered only when you become the master — not before that. And that is the only thing every authentic master wants — that every disciple of his becomes a master and brings all his uniqueness and all his flavor to the phenomenon.

Source – from Osho Book “Light on the Path”

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