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Osho – There is a flowering inside. Roses bloom inside, and roses which are imperishable, roses which are not gross, which are made of grace. Gravitation has no effect on them. They come from the beyond, they descend on you, they shower on you. But one has to be receptive; one has to become an absolute nonentity, a nobody, a nothingness. Only in that nothingness do those roses bloom. One becomes a garden, one becomes a paradise. The word ‘paradise’ means a walled garden.

It is within our capacity. If we miss it then we are responsible, nobody else. Missing it simply means that we kept ourselves engaged in futile things, we wasted our energies in trivia.

A sannyasin has to be very discriminating, very alert, so that no energy is wasted. And you will be surprised: almost ninety per cent of our energy is a sheer wastage; if you watch your life you will be able to see that there is much which is non-essential, which can be dropped. You go on doing it out of habit; otherwise there is no reason for it.

The essential is very small. And when you do only the essential and the non-essential is dropped you accumulate great energy, you become a reservoir of energy. Out of that energy roses bloom. So two things have to be remembered: one has to become a nobody, utterly empty of the ego, and then one has to accumulate one’s energy so that one’s emptiness becomes a lake of energy. Then the impossible becomes possible. Then all beauty is yours, and all grace and all truth and all freedom.

Consecrated to god is exactly the definition of sannyas. One starts living not for the ego but for the whole, one starts living as a vehicle of god, one becomes just like a hollow bamboo so that god can transform one into a flute. One empties oneself of oneself. That’s all that needs to be done: one has to empty oneself of oneself. And when one is empty something mysterious starts happening, unexplainable. Something from the beyond starts descending in you, some unknown force starts singing through you, dancing through you.

That unknown force is god. God is not a person; it is only a name for all that is mysterious, for all that is beyond comprehension, for all that intellect is incapable of understanding. And to be consecrated to the miraculous, to the mysterious, is the only way to live a beautiful, graceful life. Otherwise people are only dragging themselves. Their life is not a dance, it cannot be. Unless god dances in you there is no possibility of any dance. Unless god rejoices in you there is no
possibility of rejoicing.

Remove yourself so that you don’t come in between you and god. Put the ego, the very idea of I, aside and be utterly empty, receptive. And the moment your emptiness is total, the whole starts showering millions of joys, millions of flowers upon you. The splendor is infinite. On our path nothing else is to be done, only one thing — that we should be nothings, nobodies, nonentities.

Source – Osho Book “Fingers Pointing to the Moon”

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