Osho - If you are feeling high

Question – During my dancing meditation i kept having flashes about What you said concerning the society, drugs, etc. And Wondering that now that i am intoxicated by the ultimate drug, you, Osho, can anyone take that away from me? Bring me down from that eternal high?

Osho – No one except you. You can destroy it, nobody else. It is totally your creation. You can destroy it or you can nourish it. Remember it, because it is very difficult to move on heights. We are not attuned for heights, we are attuned for crawling on the earth. That’s why whenever you attain to a high you cannot remain on that altitude for long. Sooner or later you descend back into the dark valley of your life. Then it becomes just a memory.

Not only that, it becomes a frustration because now you know that height is possible. And you have lost your path, you are back in the valley. In fact, you were better before, in a way — you had not known the height, you had not known the light, so you were thinking that the valley is the only life. Now that you have tasted something you will never be at rest in the valley.

So if you are feeling high, if you are touching some altitude within your consciousness, if some sky is opening, then be very careful because very fragile is the flower of consciousness — very, very fragile. It can be destroyed in a single moment of unawareness. It needs lives together to create it and a single moment of unalertness to destroy it. It is very fragile.

But nobody else can take it from you, that thing is certain, nobody can rob you of it. It is something within you. So you can be killed but it cannot be killed. It is absolutely yours. Even if I want to take it back from you, I cannot take it because, in fact, I have not given it to you. You have given it to yourself.

My presence may have helped as a catalytic agent but that’s all. Even I cannot take it back from you. But don’t be satisfied with this — that nobody can take it — you can destroy it. The danger will come from you, the trouble will come from you. So don’t look around for the enemy, look within. It is a great gift that you have given to yourself, now watch for the inner enemy: the anger, the hatred, the jealousy, the envy. They are watching. They are watching you flying so high, they are getting ready to pull you down, to pull you back to the valley where they think you belong. Watch there — the enemy is within just as the
friend is within.

Mahavir has said that you are your enemy if you are not alert, you are your friend if you are alert. A great treasure is happening to you. You cannot remain unconscious as you were before because before you had no treasure, there was nothing to be guarded. Now the more you grow inside, the more you will have to guard, to protect.

Source – Osho Book “Dang Dang Doko Dang”

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