[A sannyasin says: A week ago I mentioned to someone ’I think my father might die’ and today during the lecture my watch stopped; then I got the telegram that he’s very sick…. I just have the feeling that this is the first time I can understand him and show him that I love him. I feel that he might have been hurt.]

Osho – Just go and see whatsoever happens. Mm? don’t be worried about the future – just go. And give him as much love and respect as you can. This will be far more important than anything else. Don’t be worried about the groups or anything; that is secondary.

If you can settle your accounts with your father, that is the greatest thing. People remain entangled with their parents. Accounts are never settled, and unless accounts are settled, one remains childish. Growth happens by settling accounts. If one is perfectly clear about one’s parents, that is growth: one is mature. But very few people are clear about their relationship.

Their relationship is formal, clumsy, unloving, inhibited, and a thousand and one complexities are there. If your father is dying, then this is the time not to miss but to settle everything, because once he is gone, then for years and years you can be in Primal Therapy and nothing will be settled. This can be settled very easily now, so forget everything, just go.

And I am not saying that he is going to die. I am saying the idea that he is going to die is very helpful, mm? – you will be able to settle things. If you know that he is not going to die, you will postpone. And don’t be worried about the watch. Watches are not very intelligent: they can stop any time! It is very difficult now to find those wise watches which used to stop exactly!
Don’t be worried – just go!

Source: from Osho Book “Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot”

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