Osho on Remembering God in Suffering

Question – Why do I remember God only When I am in Suffering?

Osho – You don’t remember God. When you are in suffering your remembering God is just meaningless. Just because you want to avoid suffering, you remember God as a protection. You are not interested in God, you are only interested in how to avoid the suffering. So that’s why when you are happy you forget all about God. But know well, only when you remember God in happiness is there remembrance, otherwise not.

In suffering everybody remembers God – even an atheist. That’s why even atheists start becoming theists as they become older. And at the death point almost every atheist becomes a theist – when the real suffering of death comes then all your philosophy of atheism disappears. But that is not real, authentic prayer, authentic remembrance.

Religious persons are those who remember when they are happy, because they remember in gratitude. When you see a rose flower, that will be the right moment to remember God. The rose flower is enough proof to remember him, enough of an indication, enough of a cause, an occasion. When you see a child smiling or when a bird flies into the sky, when a bird is on the wing or the Sun rises or a lonely star in the morning is just on the verge of disappearing – if you know what beauty is, you will remember God in these beautiful moments.

If you know what love is, you will remember God when you make love. If you know what joy is, you will remember God when you are full of joy. Those are the moments in which to thank. And then even if you remember him in your suffering it will be a true remembrance, otherwise not. If you remember only in suffering, you don’t remember God – you simply want to get help from him. You simply want to use the word ’God’, you want to use God, that’s all.

I have heard. There was a man whose wife had a pet parrot and a very religious parrot, but it died. And she was very upset. Her good-natured husband went off to the shop to get another bird, but nothing the man had on offer would do – one was too dear, one was too dull, another too big. Finally the pet-shop man was fed up and the customer made for the exit. In the doorway he saw a parrot he really fancied.

’How much for this chap?’ he asked.
’That’s a very special parrot. I don’t really want to part with it, but if I do, it is two hundred pounds.’

’What is so special about it?’
’Well, you see sir, she is the only parrot in Great Britain that lays square eggs.’
The caller was not disposed to believe this, but the vendor took him into the back room and showed him a dish of eggs, each a perfect cube.

’It’s a deal. I will be taking the bird with me,’ he said.
While the shopkeeper was making out the bill an uneasy thought struck the man, thinking of his wife, and he said, ’I suppose the parrot can talk as well? Does he know anything religious, prayer or something?’
’Well, sir, she can… she knows how to call to Christ. But so far she only seems to have one
expression.’ ’Ah, indeed. What is that?’
’Ooo-ooo Kee-rist!’

In suffering your remembrance is like that. It has nothing to do with Christ, nothing to do with God. Drop it; it is meaningless. Start a new approach. While you are full of joy, dancing, singing, then remember! Let God be associated with your positive moments first. It is from there that it will sink deep into your heart. Let God be not a sad affair but a celebration. Let God be a blessing, a benediction.

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