Osho on Surgery

[A visitor says he has bone cancer in his foot. The doctors tried several treatments but say the foot will have to be amputated. He said he felt angry with them. Osho checks his energy, and tells him he thinks it a good idea that the foot is removed…. ]

Osho – Don’t be afraid – removing it will solve the problem. And not removing it for a long time can be dangerous, mm? – it can spread. It is very difficult to accept cutting one limb of the body, but nothing to be worried about; just go through it…. You have come, that’s good; that’s not wrong. You have come, that’s very good; it is going to help you, mm? Be here for a few days, then go back and have it removed. And become a sannyasin – that will help! Or do you have to think about it? It will help you!…

It will create a detachment with the body… and you are not the body, so nothing to be worried about. And sometimes blessings come in the form of curses. One never knows! This may prove a blessing – just accept it! Be here for a few days but go back and let it be removed. Don’t be here too long because the disease is such that it can spread, mm? But you came, that is very good!

Just accept it as a gift of god – this too! Everything is a gift, and things are so mysteriously related. For example, you are here because of this operation, otherwise you would have missed me. Now your whole life will be totally different. The leg is nothing to be worried about – the body has to go one day; nothing to be worried about.

If you can totally accept the foot being removed as a gift of god, that will bring a great transformation in your consciousness; that will be a revolution. So don’t miss this opportunity! Accept it as a gift – not angrily at all, not sadly at all. When Jesus is crucified, at the last moment he wavers and says ’What are you doing to me? Why this agony? Have you forsaken me?’ He becomes doubtful for a single moment; it is natural.

Being crucified, he must have felt doubt as to whether there was a god or not, or was he just a neurotic and just projecting himself ? If god is a father then what is he doing to his son ? It was natural and human, very human of Jesus, but he understood immediately and he said ’No, not my will, but thy will be done! Thy kingdom, thy will – who am I?’ – and he relaxed.

And to me, that moment he became christ – that moment. Up to that moment he was just Jesus, a human being. In that moment the revolution happened: he accepted. So let this be a great situation: accept it! If god wills it that way, perfectly good – one is ready to go the whole way, wherever he leads. Thy will be done; let that be your mantra.

So be here for three, four days, then go, mm? and with total acceptance and relaxation let go. Almost enjoy it – because such an opportunity rarely comes; it does not come to everybody’s life. It is an opportunity to die while you are alive… it is a crucifixion. If you can accept it with no strings, with no conditions, if you can accept it also as a gift, you will have a new beginning, a new birth, you will be reborn, and your whole life will be of a different quality… so don’t miss this! It is nothing to do with whether the disease goes or not – that is not the point at all. Whether you remain alive or not, that is not the point. If even for a single moment you can attain to that perfect let-go in which you are no more willing anything against god, it is enough: you have attained. That’s all life can give – more is not possible.

That is the moment of bliss, of ecstasy. So go back happily, almost rejoicing in it, thankful, with gratitude, and just tell the doctors ’Now do it – I am ready!’ And let it be a celebration. Where will the operation be done – in London? … So I will tell my sannyasins there, and when the operation is done they will be around you. They can sing and rejoice and make it a real celebration. Move with that energy and let it be a great experience – don’t miss it!

Source: from Osho Book “This Is It”

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