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Osho – David means beloved of god. It comes from a Hebrew word dodavehu. Dodavehu means beloved of Jehovah. It is one of the most important things to remember, and to remember constantly: god loves you. One tends to forget.

There are problems in life and there are agonies to be encountered and to be surpassed. Life is not just a bed of roses; hence many times one tends to forget that god loves you. In fact great doubt arises: “How can there be a god if I am in such suffering? How can god allow such suffering? If he is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, then why does suffering exist at all? He can see that it is there because he is omniscient, he can feel that it is there because he is omnipresent, and he can change it immediately because he is omnipotent. Then why does the world go on living in suffering?”

There is every reason to disbelieve in god and there is no reason to believe in god. The mind can supply a thousand and one reasons why god cannot be, but the mind cannot supply even a single reason for god’s existence. In fact, from mind there is no way towards god. Mind is just the opposite of god: it is keeping your back towards god — and if you keep your back towards god how can you see? Hence the importance of constantly remembering that god loves you, that if there is suffering then there must be meaning in suffering, otherwise there would be no suffering. And there is meaning in suffering. It is through suffering that one becomes integrated.

Suffering is a challenge. It is not a disease to be destroyed, it is a challenge to be accepted, it is an adventure. In the very effort to transcend suffering one arrives at one’s real being. It has a purpose: without it there will be no evolution of consciousness. Pain is not without purpose; hence whatsoever the world is, it is as it should be. It is the most perfect world there can be. It cannot be improved upon.

But I can understand — it is very human to forget that god loves you. When you are in misery how can you remember it? But those are the moments to remember that god loves you. And if misery has come to you, then it is because he has sent it. It has to be accepted with gratitude.

At the last moment on the cross Jesus said “Why? Why have you forsaken me?” Even Jesus questioned. In a way I love his questioning. It shows his humanity, it shows that he was just part of us, one of us. He asked god “Why? Why have you forsaken me? Why am I going through such suffering? What is the purpose of it? What wrong have I done? For what am I being punished?”

But immediately he remembers — immediately, instantly, he remembers. Only for a moment does the agony, the suffering, possess him; again he transcends it and he says, “Let thy kingdom come, let thy will be done.” He has remembered that god loves, that if the cross has happened, if he is crucified, then it is god’s will; then there must be something hidden behind it, then it must be a blessing in disguise. He has become surrendered. Just a moment before, the last part of the human mind was still trying to struggle; now he has dropped that too. He dies enlightened, he dies a Buddha, he dies a Christ.

So go on remembering. You may not be crucified, but the whole of life is a cross and every moment there is suffering and there are problems, there is anguish, anxiety. In fact to suffer crucifixion is easier because it is only a question of minutes or, at the most, hours. In Jesus’ time it was a question of a few hours, because the Hebrew way of crucifying a person was very ugly. The person would remain hanging for hours: six hours, eight hours, twelve hours. Now there are electric chairs. We have found better ways: you can simply relax in a chair and you are gone! Not even for a single moment will you be able to say “Why? Why have you forsaken me?”

But the whole of life is a crucifixion. Each moment, at each step, there is suffering, there is agony. Remember: god loves you, and all that happens has to be accepted with gratefulness. That’s what sannyas is all about.

Source – Osho Book “Scriptures in Silence and Sermons in Stones”

One thought on “Osho – It is very human to forget that god loves you”
  1. This passage contradict some teachers i have read from Osho. He said in that teaching that god is not something physical or person like, who seat somewhere and control things. So how could he say God brings misery. Misery exist as way of life, with no reason whatsoever. Life will happen good or bad as time passes.

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