Osho on Kissing

[The tantra group is present. One participant says she feels dead and not in touch with her sexual energy at all. Osho checks her energy.]

Osho – It has nothing to do with your sexual energy; it has something to do with your throat, but they are connected. The first place from where a child starts is oral, from the mouth. Life first starts with the mouth, and somehow in your childhood that has been repressed – either the mother never gave you enough breast or something else but your oral centre has not started functioning well.

The oral centre is joined with the anal centre, but the problem is not there at the sex centre. The problem is somewhere in the mouth. So start doing a few things – they will help and the energy will start flowing, mm? One thing is, purchase a pacifier and start sucking it. In the night, particularly when you are going to sleep, just lie down, curl up like a small child, mm? Feel as if you are very very small, take the nipple in your mouth and start sucking it… and enjoy it!

Do this for five, seven minutes in the night and then go to sleep, fall asleep. Even if it remains in your mouth, leave it there and fall asleep. That will release something that is tight there. Once it is released, your sex centre will respond. It is on the other end, but they function together. That’s why kissing is such a sexual thing, so erotic.

You will be surprised to know that kissing is more erotic in a society where breast-feeding is less. In america or any country where breast-feeding is less, kissing is very very erotic. In primitive societies where a child goes on and on at the breast for years unless he himself drops it, kissing disappears.

There are tribes who have never kissed in their whole history. When they came to know that western people kiss so much, they simply laughed at the whole nonsense of it. They could not believe it – why? for what? The whole thing looks so horrible to them, so ugly and dirty – putting your lips on somebody else’s lips….

Because their children are so much breast-fed – you will find a seven-year, eight-year, even a nineyear- old child sucking from the mother – those societies don’t have any hang-ups with the mouth. Another thing: those societies are not interested in the breast at all. Otherwise, all societies have certain hang-ups in the mouth and all societies are interested in the breast. Men continuously think of breasts; painters paint, thinkers think, novelists write, and film makers, photographers, sculptors – everybody is interested in the breast.

There was a german painter here – he is my sannyasin: he only paints breasts and nothing else, and he is one of the most important painters in Germany… but he paints nothing else! But this is how things are! So start this, mm? The second thing: in the morning, the moment you feel that you are awake, lying down on the bed start making faces.

Can you make faces? Try, right now. Really go into it, forget everybody, mm ? Let it happen… anything that comes to your mind, do it. It is very elementary, but it will come by and by… and join the mime group, mm? mime will be very helpful. Your whole problem is in the mouth.

When you are back home start singing, shouting, making any sound. Let the mouth be used as much as you can. Within ten days you will see that here the mouth is relaxed and there the sex centre goes on relaxing and energy is flowing.

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