Osho on Love and Death

[A sannyasin analyses and intellectualises at length about his relationship, his lessening desire for sex, his curiosity about death…. ]

Osho – Love and death are very deeply related, very deeply related – almost the same door; from one side it is love, from another side it is death. If your love life is going perfectly well, harmoniously, you will not think about death at all. People start thinking about death only when something is going wrong in their love energy. When somebody is celebrating his love then death is not a problem at all.

It arises only when you start feeling that love is drying up in some way, is getting dry and the juices are no more flowing. Then you are threatened – and the threat in that moment is of death, because without love, a man is dead. That’s why I wanted to know what is going on in your love affair. So first something is to be understood about your love thing…. It is always so – that a woman’s need is more than a man can satisfy; it has nothing to do with you – because man loses energy while making love and the woman gains, she never loses any energy while making love. So this is a problem. It is nothing to do with you; it has to do with all lovers!

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