Osho - Love knows no distinction

Osho – To be a sannyasin means to be surrendered, seeing ’I am part of the whole. It is ridiculous to fight, so l surrender.’ And in that very surrender you are victorious; now you cannot be defeated. There is no one to defeat you and there is no one inside you to be defeated: now only one exists. With the whole is victory and only victory. With the whole there is only joy. With the whole there is no possibility of misery.

My definition of hell is: fighting with the whole. And to be in the whole, surrendered, relaxed, at home, is heaven. Prem means love, prabodhi means enlightenment – enlightenment through love. Enlightenment can happen through anything, but the most potential situation is love. Enlightenment is possible in any kind of situation, in any state of mind; sometimes it has happened in very absurd situations.

Lao Tzu became enlightened by seeing a dry leaf falling from the tree. He must have been in a very very silent state, ready… just somewhere near about ninety-nine point nine degrees, and that falling leaf added only the little bit that was missing, just a little weight. Slowly falling… the very slowness of the falling leaf, the utter surrender of the falling leaf, absolutely helpless…. Now, wherever the wind will take it, it will go, to the north or to the south; now it has no say of its own.

Seeing that leaf falling, the idea of let-go arose in him. It was not a thought. Had it been a thought he would have missed. It was not a thought, it was an existential experience of let-go. He saw the leaf falling and he became the leaf. He saw his whole life just as a dry leaf in the wind, and that very moment… the awakening.

It has happened in strange situations. It has happened always in such ways that they are unpredictable. Sometimes the master hits the disciple and the disciple becomes awakened. Maybe he was just ready, just on the verge. A little push…. But love is the best climate for it to happen in, because love brings you closer and closer to a state of egolessness. It is almost like in spring when flowers naturally bloom; and love is the spring for enlightenment.

So if one can remain loving, flowing, feeling for people, for existence itself – for rocks, for rivers, for animals, for trees – if one can go on continuously as if one is a song of love showering love all over, to those who need and to those who don’t need, to those who will accept it and to those who will reject it, to those who will welcome it and to those who will shut their doors in your face… without any conditions one goes on showering it, on the worthy and on the unworthy.

Love knows no distinction and love never gives itself with any condition attached to it. It simply enjoys giving. Slowly slowly you need not even have an object to love: you become love itself. Even when you are alone, you are in that vibe, in that climate, in that state of love. It goes on pulsating; it becomes like breathing or the heartbeat. Even if you are fast asleep, it is there. That has been one of the most important things since ancient days, that a man can pretend while he is awake, but he cannot pretend while he is asleep.

If a Buddha is asleep in a room and you enter, you will suddenly feel the love energy – even if he is asleep, because now it is not a question of giving or not giving, giving in some situations and not giving in some situations. It is not a question at all of the object of love; it has become his subjectivity. He is it. So even while he is asleep it goes on pulsating around him.

A Buddha can be recognized even while he is asleep. Just the impact of love will be there, the fragrance of love will be there. First start loving as much as you can, and then by and by the knack is learned. The more you love, the more blissful you feel. Then one day you recognize the fact ’Why not love continuously?

Why not become love itself if it is so blissful?’ And if one is continuously in a state of love then enlightenment is going to happen any moment. One need not bother about it – it will come of its own accord. Create love and it comes. Create love and you have created.

Source: from Osho Book “Hallelujah!”

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