Osho Meditation – Don’t look for Results:

  1. The ego is result-oriented, the mind always hankers for results. The mind is never interested in the act itself, its interest is in the result. “What am I going to gain out of it?” If the mind can manage to gain without going through any action, then it will choose the shortcut. That’s why educated people become very cunning, because they are able to find shortcuts. If you earn money through a legal way, it may take your whole life.

    But if you can earn money by smuggling, by gambling, or by something else – by becoming a political leader, a prime minister, a president – then you have all the shortcuts available to you. The educated person becomes cunning. He does not become wise, he simply becomes clever. He becomes so cunning that he wants to have everything without doing anything for it. Meditation happens only to those who are not result-oriented. Meditation is a non-goal-oriented state.

  2. He is saying that every meditator comes to this point: he has known a small space of thoughtlessness, so the natural conclusion seems to be that if he can stop the thought process, then he will have that open sky again. But with what are you going to stop the thought process? Even this idea of stopping the thought process is of the mind. So your mind becomes split in two: the stopper and the stopped.

  3. Whatever you have desired — fulfilled, unfulfilled, it makes no difference — the moment the desire has come into your mind, into your heart, you have created ripples, waves. They will go on. This wheel, this sansar, is constituted of all the desires that have existed and all the desires that are in existence. This is such a great force, of all the dead and of all the living, that you cannot stand still. They will push you, you have to run. It is just like in a crowd. When the whole crowd is running you cannot stand still. You are just pushed to run.

    You are safe if you are running; if you are not running you will be killed. It is not that your energy is needed to run. If you do not make any effort, the crowd will push you. This is the wheel — the wheel of desires. You must have seen the Tibetan picture of the wheel. It is beautifully depicted — the whole wheel of desires.

    To step out of the wheel is sannyas. You just come out of the crowd. You just step down. You just sit by the side of the road, you say goodbye. Only then do you know the phenomenon of what is the wheel. Only then do you know that some persons are running in a circle, they will pass you so many times — then you know that this is a wheel.

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