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Osho – Meditation is the tree that grows without a seed: that is the miracle of meditation, the magic, the mystery. Concentration has a seed in it: you concentrate for a certain purpose, there is motive, it is motivated. Meditation has no motive. Then why should one meditate if there is no motive?Meditation comes into existence only when you have looked into all motives and found them lacking, when you have gone through the whole round of motives and you have seen the falsity of it.

You have seen that the motives lead nowhere, that you go on moving in circles; you remain the same. The motives go on and on leading you, driving you, almost driving you mad, creating new desires, but nothing is ever achieved. The hands remain as empty as ever. When this has been seen, when you have looked into your life and seen all your motives failing….No motive has ever succeeded, no motive has ever brought any blessing to anybody.

The motives only promise; the goods are never delivered. One motive fails and another motive comes in and promises you again… and you are deceived again. Being deceived again and again by motives, one day suddenly you become aware — suddenly you see into it, and that very seeing is the beginning of meditation. It has no seed in it, it has no motive in it. If you are meditating for something, then you are concentrating, not meditating.

Then you are still in the world — your mind is still interested in cheap things, in trivia. Then you are worldly. Even if you are meditating to attain to God, you are worldly. Even if you are meditating to attain to nirvana, you are worldly — because meditation has no goal.Meditation is an insight that all goals are false. Meditation is an understanding that desires don’t lead anywhere. Seeing that…. And this is not a belief that you can get from me or from Buddha or from Jesus. This is not knowledge; you will have to see it.

You can see it right now! You have lived, you have seen many motives, you have been in turmoil, you have thought about what to do, what not to do, and you have done many things. Where has it all led you? Just see into it! I’m not saying agree with me, I’m not saying believe in me. I’m simply making you aware of a fact that you have been neglecting. This is not a theory, this is a simple statement of a very simple fact. Maybe because it is so simple, that’s why you go on without looking at it. Mind is always interested in complexities, because something can be done with a complex thing. You cannot do anything with a simple phenomenon.

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  1. Today's Guru teach on concentration to achieve meditative aura,that's why people revolve around in vicious cycle of motives. But Osho's teachings tell us about mindlessness to become Budhha.Listen to your heart and drop your mind …and the very moment you become Budhha.

    Thank you dear White Lotus.Please upload Osho's Videos on this blog and make a separate section for easy access.
    Mrityunjay Pathak

  2. Dear Mrityunjay Pathak
    There is a label called Osho Youtube Videos.
    its on the left hand side of Page.
    there some 22 Videos of Osho are added.


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