Osho Meditation Sutras

Osho – Remember this: whatsoever you are doing, do it so alertly, with full awareness, that your consciousness is there; it is not allowed to move. Then only will you come to know what Awareness is. Moment to moment, move in the present. Don’t go away from the present or you will have gone into dreams. This awareness makes you totally different from ordinary humanity. You are alert. You have become more than man.

Osho –  Remember this: I emphasize nonthinking alertness because in nonthinking you may go to sleep if you are not alert. Then it is of no use. You are alert when you are thinking but that is of no use, because thinking creates the clouds. Or, you can be non-thinking and asleep. That too is of no use because the sky is there but you are asleep so you cannot see it. So two things are needed: nonthinking and alertness. No-thought consciousness. No-mind awareness. If you can create this phenomenon within you (no mind on the one hand and awareness on the other hand), this is what meditation is; this is what I call dhyana.

Osho – Remember one thing continuously: that you have to be more and more silent, and more and more centered within. Whenever you have time, close your eyes and move within. Don’t be busy when there is no business, don’t remain occupied unnecessarily. I see people who are unnecessarily engaged. I have seen people reading the same newspaper again and again. They don’t have anything else to do so they read the same newspaper over and over again. They cannot remain empty, they cannot remain vacant. To be meditative means to learn how to remain vacant, unoccupied.

Meditation is nonsocial. It is not concerned with anyone else; it is concerned only with yourself. So no mask is needed; you can be authentic. But you cannot be authentic because you don’t know the distinction. Even in meditation I feel that you are doing many false things.

Whenever you are here and now, bliss happens. As a child playing with stones, as a young man playing with your beloved, or an old man playing with chanting and meditation. If all three experiences can be felt as harmonious, you have found one of the ultimate laws of life. You have become wise. Wisdom has happened to you.

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