[A sannyasin, who is a pilot, asks Osho if there is a meditation he can do while flying.]
Osho – Mm mm, that time can be used in a very very significant way; the whole time can become a meditation. In fact you cannot find a better situation to meditate than while flying at a higher altitude. The higher the altitude, the easier is the meditation. Hence, for centuries, meditators have been moving to the himalayas to find a high altitude.

When the gravitation is less and the earth is very far away, many pulls of the earth are far away. You are far away from the corrupted society that man has built. You are surrounded by clouds and the stars and the moon and the sun and the vast space…. So do one thing: start feeling one with that vastness, and do it in three steps.

The first step is: for a few minutes just think that you are becoming bigger, and within a few days you will be able to feel that you have become bigger… you are filling the whole cockpit.

Then the second step: start feeling that you are becoming even bigger, bigger than the plane, in fact the plane is now inside you – the second step.

And the third step: feel that you have expanded into the whole sky. Now these clouds that are moving on your radar screen, and the moon, and the stars – they are moving in you: you are huge, unlimited.

This feeling will become your meditation, and you will feel completely relaxed and non-tense. Your work will become just child’s play and it will not be any stress on you – it will happen on its own accord. You will get down from the flight more fresh than you had begun. And keep quiet.

Tell to people not to talk too much to you unless it is necessary. Make your colleagues alert that you will be meditating, mm ? or you can just put a sign on yourself ’Now I am meditating’, so they know not to disturb you. It will be great… nothing like it!

In fact in the early days – when the aeroplane was just invented – the thrill of the aeroplane was the thrill of the sky. But we go on losing things because they become too routine. Now you are flying every day, so who looks at the sky and who looks at the sun making beautiful psychedelic colours on the clouds – who looks?

So start looking at the sky that surrounds you there and by and by let there be a meeting between the inner sky and the outer sky… and for this, this will be very good. For a few minutes think that you are becoming big, bigger than the plane, then so big that everything is inside you. Whenever you can get time, continue to meditate, mm? and this will be very relaxing editation.

Source: from Osho Book “This is It”

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