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Question – We, in our unawareness and egoistic state, are not always in touch with the master. but is the master always in touch with us?

Osho – Yes, because a Master is in touch with all the four layers of you. Your conscious layer is only one of the four layers. But that is possible only when you have surrendered and accepted him as your Master — not before that. If you are just a student, learning, then when you are in touch, the Master is in touch; when you are not in touch, he is also not in touch.

Has to be understood, this phenomenon… You have four minds: the supermind which is the possibility of the future, of which only seeds you carry — nothing has sprouted — only seeds, just the potentiality. Then the conscious mind — a very small fragment with which you reason, think, decide, argue, doubt, believe — this conscious mind is in touch with a Master to whom you have not surrendered. So whenever this is in touch, the Master is in touch. If this is not in touch, then the Master is not in touch. You are a student, and you have not taken the Master as a Master. You still think about him as a teacher.

Teacher and student exist in the conscious mind. Nothing can be done because you are not open; your all three doors are closed. Superconscious is just a seed; you cannot open its doors. Subconscious is just below the conscious. That is possible if you love. If you are here with me only because of your reasoning, your conscious door is open. Whenever you open it, I am there. If you don’t open it, I am outside; I cannot enter. Just below the conscious is the subconscious. If you are in love with me — not just a teacher and a student relationship but more intimate, a love-like phenomenon — then the subconscious door is open. Many times the conscious door will be closed by you. You will argue against me; you will be sometimes negative; sometimes you will be against me. But that doesn’t matter. The unconscious door of love is open and I can always remain in touch with you.

But that too is not a perfect door because sometimes you can hate me. If you hate me, you have closed that door also. Love is there, but the opposite, hate, is also there — it is always with love. The second door will be more open than the first — because the first changes its moods as fast that you don’t know… Any moment it goes on changing. Just one moment it was here, the next moment it is not there; it is a momentary phenomenon.

Love is a little longer. It also changes its moods, but its moods have longer periods. Sometimes you will hate me. In thirty days almost there will be eight days — one week and four days, you will hate me. But three weeks it is open. With the reason, a week is too long; it is an eternity. With the reason, one moment here, another moment against: for, against, it goes on. If the second door is open and you are in love with me, even if the door with reason is closed, I can remain in contact.

The third door is below subconscious: that is the unconscious. Reason opens the first door — if you feel convinced with me. Love opens the second door which is bigger than the first — if you are in love with me: not convinced, but in love — feeling an affinity, a harmony, an affection.

The third door opens by surrender, if you are initiated by me, if you have taken the jump into sannyas, if you have taken a jump and said to me, “Now — now you be my mind. Now you take the reins of me. Now you guide me and I will follow.” Not that you will always be able to do it, but just the very gesture that you surrendered opens the third door.

The third door remains open. You may be against me rationally. It doesn’t matter: I am in touch. You may hate me. It doesn’t matter: I am in touch — because the third door always remains open. You have surrendered. And it is very difficult to close the third door — very, very difficult It is difficult to open, it is difficult to close. It is difficult to open, but not as difficult as to close it. But that too can be closed because you have opened it. That too can be closed You can decide some day to take your surrender back. Or, you can go and surrender yourself to somebody else. But that never — almost never — happens, because with these three doors the Master is working to open the fourth door.

So there is very… almost impossible possibility that you will take your surrender back. Before you have taken it, he must have opened the fourth door which is beyond you. You cannot open it, you cannot close it. The door that you open, you remain the master to close it also. But the fourth has nothing to do with you. That is the superconscious. All these three doors are needed to open so the Master can forge a key for the fourth door, because you don’t have the key, otherwise you yourself can open it. The Master has to forge; it is a forgery because the owner himself doesn’t have the key.

The whole effort of a Master is to have enough time from these three doors to enter to the fourth and forge a key and open it. Once it is opened, you are no more. You cannot do anything now. You may close all the three doors — he has the key for the fourth and he is always in contact. Then even if you die, it doesn’t matter. You go to the very end of the earth, you go the moon, does not make any difference; he has the key for the fourth. And, in fact, a real Master never keeps the key. He simply opens the fourth and throws the key in the ocean. So there is no possibility to steal it or do anything. Nothing can be done!.

I have forged a fourth-door key with many of you and have thrown it, so don’t unnecessarily trouble yourself; it is futile, now nothing can be done. Once the fourth is opened, then there is no problem. All the problems exist before it, because at the very last moment the Master was getting ready the key because the key is difficult…

For millions of lives the door has remained closed; it has gathered all sorts of rust. It looks like a wall, not like a door. It is difficult to find where the lock is — and everybody has a separate lock, so there is no master key. One key won’t help because everybody is as individual as your thumbprint. Nobody has that print anywhere — not in the past, never in the future. Your thumbprint will be simply yours, a single phenomenon. It never is repeated.

Your inner lock is also like your thumbprint — absolutely individual: no master key can help. That’s why a Master is needed, because a master key cannot be purchased. Otherwise, once a key is made, everybody’s door can be opened. No, everybody has a separate type of door, a separate type of lock — his own locking system — and you have to watch and find and forge a key, a special key for it.

Once your fourth door is open, then the Master is in constant touch with you. You may forget him completely: it makes no difference. You may not remember him: it makes no difference. The Master leaves the body: it makes no difference. Wherever he is, wherever you are, the door is open. And this door exists beyond time and Space. That’s why it is the supermind: it is superconscious.


Yes, but only when the fourth door is opened. Otherwise, with the third door, he is more or less in contact. With the second door, half the time almost in contact. With the first door, only momentarily in contact. So allow me to open your fourth door — and the fourth door is opened in a certain moment. That moment is when all your three doors are open. Even if a single door is closed, the fourth cannot be opened. It is a mathematical puzzle. And this condition is needed: your first, conscious door is open; your second door is open — your subconscious, your love — you have surrendered, you have taken a step into initiation, your third, unconscious door is open.

When all the three doors are open, when in a certain moment all the three doors are open, the fourth can be opened. So it happens that while you are awake, the fourth is difficult to open. While you are asleep, only then. So my real work is not in the day. It is in the night when you are fast asleep snoring, because then you don’t create any trouble. You are so fast asleep, you don’t reason against. You have forgotten about reasoning.

In deep sleep, your heart functions well. You are more loving than when you are awake, because when you are awake many fears surround you. And because of fear love is not possible. When you are fast asleep, fears disappear, love flowers. Love is a nightflower. You must have watched night queen — the flower that flowers in the night. Love is a night queen. It flowers in the night — because of you; there is no other reason. It can flower in the day, but then you have to change yourself. Tremendous change is needed before the love can flower in the day.

That’s why you see that when people are intoxicated they are more loving. Go into any tavern where people have drunk too much: they are almost always loving. See two drunkards moving on the street hanging on each other’s shoulder: so loving — as if one! They are asleep.

When you are not afraid, love flowers. Fear is the poison. And when deep down in sleep, you are already surrendered because sleep is a surrender. And if you have surrendered to a Master, he can enter into your sleep. You will not be even able to hear his footsteps. He can enter silently and work. It is a forgery, just like thieves enter in the night when you are asleep. A Master is a thief. When you are fast asleep and you don’t know what is happening, he enters in you and opens the fourth.

Once the fourth is opened, then there is no problem. Every effort and every trouble that you can create, you can create only before the fourth is open. The fourth is a point of no return. Once the fourth is open, the Master can twenty-four hours be with you — there is no problem.

Source – Osho Book “Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 2”

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