[A sannyasin says she is still ’holding on’]
Osho – Simply accept it. You are trying too hard not to hold, and that is creating a contradiction in your energy. That contradiction is more dangerous than holding. On one hand you are holding and on the other hand you are trying to drop it. You are becoming divided because of it. Always remember: you cannot force these things. You can understand but you cannot force; and through understanding one day they disappear.
Transformation happens: it cannot be done. And one has to learn the difference between happening and doing. That is one of the most important things in life to understand. You are trying to do it. And because you have been trying to do your whole life, that’s what has created the holding. Now again you are trying to do – now you are trying to do against it, but it is
the same process. You don’t allow things to happen; you always want to remain in control.
Now, you even want to remain in control of let-go, and that’s what is creating the conflict. It is so clear that your energy is moving in two directions. The first thing: accept it, so that the energy starts moving in one direction. Accept it as one accepts one’s height – that one is this height, this weight, that one is black or white, that one has two eyes, blond hair or brunette… one accepts.
Just accept this too, and accept it totally. That will be the first act which will help, because that will be the first thing that you will not be controlling. You accept. You have moved towards acceptance and that means you have moved towards let-go. Accepting is another name for let-go. And then wait: whenever your acceptance is total, it will leave. And there is no hurry either. So for the days you will be here, simply enjoy, don’t fight. Nothing has to be done.
source: from Osho Book “Hallelujah!”

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