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Osho on Astral Body, Osho Astral Body Discourse
  1. The first body is the physical body. The second body is the mental body. The third body is the astral body. One becomes enlightened when one transcends the mental body. The astral body consists only of pure light, just a flame with no smoke around it.
  2. Only the astral body is capable of rising upwards; it is beyond gravitation. Gravitation has no power over it. Light is not under the control of gravitation. That’s why the flame of a candle can go upwards. Even if you put the candle upside down, the flame will immediately turn upwards. The flame cannot go downwards because the gravitation has no pull on light. Your astral body is made only of light, of electrons.It is very indicative that you feel that your body is uplifted. Naturally in the beginning you will be gripped by fear: What is happening? But open your eyes. These are the moments when I am really with you in case you need me; hence, you feel two hands because it is a very delicate moment. Any accident is possible. Open your eyes and see. You will be surprised, because it will seem as if you are floating above your body and your body is lying down on the floor.But you will see a thin cord as if made of silver, shining, joined with the body lying down on the floor. The point the silver cord is joined to is your navel — and it is very flexible. You can fly higher, and it will stretch without any difficulty. You can come closer. But don’t be afraid. Don’t start thinking, “How am I going to get into my body again?”You have not come out of the body with your effort. It is your silence, your peace that has helped your astral body move out. The moment you feel like getting back into the body, you will immediately find yourself back in the body. And those two hands that were close to you will disappear the moment you are back in the body.
  3. first you have to understand that you have not only this body of flesh and bones and blood, not only this brain which is part of the body. Behind the brain you have a mind — that mind is abstract — and behind the body you have an astral body. The word `astral’ comes from stars; it means a light…. Instead of flesh or bones, only a body made of light. This body of light, the astral body, has the mind in it.When you die, your physical body and your physical mind are left behind. But the astral body travels with you, with the mind, with all the remembrances of the past life and the body, remembering all the scars and the wounds that have happened to the physical body. This abstract phenomenon travels with you; hiding within it is your ultimate, existential center.Until you know the center, you will have to travel continuously from one body to another body. You have been traveling already for thousands of lives, gathering more and more memories in your astral mind, more and more memories in your astral body. Although your center is unaffected, it is surrounded by the astral body, and the astral body goes on from womb to womb, from grave to grave. That is your individuality; it has a continuum. But the continuum comes to an end when you become a buddha.When you penetrate deeply to the center, you are also cutting the astral body apart, making a way through the mind, beyond the mind, through the astral body and beyond the astral body, to the center of your being. Once you have reached to the center of your being, the continuum of your individuality stops. Now begins the universal existence. You will not enter into another womb again, and you will not be burnt on another funeral pyre again. Now you will be one with the whole.
  4. Now in the West also, astral traveling has become a prominent thing to be studied. Astral projection — how to project your astral body, how to move out from your body — is now an accepted fact of parapsychology. But only now is it accepted — and that too, not universally; only parapsychologists accept it — that a subtle phenomenon, a subtle body can go out from this body, and move, and travel.
  5. Siddhis become possible as you go deeper into purities and perfection. For example, if you can move your astral body out of the gross body you can do many things which will be miraculous. You can visit people. They can see you but they cannot touch you. You can even talk to them by your astral projection. You can heal people. If you are really pure, just your touch, laying on of the hands, and there will be a miracle. Just surrounding you will be the healing power — wherever you will move, healing will happen automatically. Not that you do it. The very purity… you have become a vehicle of the infinite forces.
  6. So if you are afraid, whenever you try astral travelling again, just give yourself a suggestion that after fifteen minutes of travelling, you will go back into the body, that’s all. Repeat it three times and go travelling, and after fifteen minutes you will immediately find yourself back in the body. There is nothing to worry about, but the first time it can be very scarey.
  7. I told you earlier about Alkufa, the city of the Sufis. There you can reach physically, even unintentionally. If you go in search of it you can be misled by a wrong map, but if you have not set out to search for it, you can just reach there without meaning to, by mistake. So you can stumble across Alkufa — but the Gangotri cannot be reached with the physical body, only with the astral body.The Gangotri cannot be seen with the physical eyes. In meditation the physical body has to be left behind and then the astral body can travel to the Gangotri; then and then only will one understand what the secret of the special qualities of the water of the Ganges is. At the source from where the Ganges flows its water have been treated alchemically. On both banks of the source of the river Hindus have made places of pilgrimage.
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  1. Dear Reader … do not believe in this type of article. these fake men always used every humans mental weakness for there purpose. till now nobody is able to show me my astral body… all this type teacher or who experienced his / her astral body , used some kind of drugs and they want to see what they want to see in that time.. please do not believe this type of fake men…

    1. My dear friend…

      It is possible to do astral travelling through pure meditation practice.

      By reading your comments… I feel that you dont know about spirituial world or you have failed many times while practising astral travel…

      Come with pure heart to the spiritual world….

      You will experince it yourself rather than beliving in some articles…

      You are welcome to the spritual world… the world is open to you with both the arms spread… and if you dont feel like coming then all i can say is god bless you.

  2. No one can show you the astral body, you have to enter deeply into yourself, which means going beyond thought. Go beyond thought, find the deepest level of existence and free yourself from all mental conflict, then come and tell people what they should and shouldn’t pursue, rather than advising people out of your clearly damaged ego.

  3. Why would the astral body be important? What’s important is to get to the center of that which projects it all. ALl worlds will seize there. and you will see NOTHING! No astral world, no colorful something, no universe! wanna try that for a change? it’s the only lesson worth learning.

    1. Yes, uli your right. Have you been there. It’s so calm. Nothing there, no others, no parents, no authorities, and no god. It’s the greatest healing.

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