Osho on Changing Life

Osho – Deva means divine nratyo means dance. Life is not static — it is a dance; it is dynamic, it is movement. Not even for a single moment does anything remain the same; everything goes on changing. Change is absolute. The mind wants things not to change, and that’s how the mind and life are in conflict. The mind wants things to be static, because only that which is unchanging can be controlled; that which remains the same can be controlled because you will be in the know about it.

The mind is very afraid of the new because with the new it is incapable; it is not ready to face the new. With the old it is very efficient. It knows what to do, how to do, but only with the old. The new simply makes it look utterly stupid. The mind can function only within the known; the unknown is beyond it. Hence the tendency of the mind is that everything should remain static. The mind is very orthodox and life is revolution, literally revolution, because it goes on revolving, changing, moving.

The movement is very fast; that’s why you cannot see it. Otherwise languages would not have any nouns, only verbs. You cannot say ‘The tree is’, because the tree is never in a state of isness; it is always growing, becoming. You can only say ‘The tree is tree-ing.’ There is no state in which it is; it is a river.

Heraclitus is right when he says ‘You cannot step in the same river twice.’ And I say to you ‘You cannot step in the same river even once because the river is changing and you are changing, the sun is changing, the wind is changing, the sky is changing, the earth is changing and all is constant change’. And that is the beauty of life. But the mind is very afraid of this change. Hence wherever the mind suspects change, it kills, dissects, destroys. It transforms love into marriage. Now, love is constantly flowing, changing. Marriage is a static institution — dull, dead, insipid. But the mind is very happy with marriage; with love it is very much afraid, apprehensive.

My approach to life is that whatsoever you do, change cannot be stopped. So the best way is to start loving this change, understanding this change. And it is a beautiful dance once you are not afraid of it. It is aliveness. And because something new is happening each moment life remains an adventure, a constant exploration.

Think of life as dance, as movement, and become more and more in tune with this moving existence. Never hanker for anything static. Only death is static. The mind is a dead thing and to get out of the mind is to get into the open and under the sky and under the stars, in the rains, in the winds. And then the vastness is available to you — even the sky is not the limit.

Source – Osho Book “Hallelujah!”

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