Osho on Judgement

[A sannyasin said that he found his mind making judgements all the time – about other people, and concerning insignificant and petty things.]

Osho – Just one thing to do: whenever you feel any judgement coming in the mind, change the breathing pattern, and immediately you will see a change and that the judgement has disappeared. Whenever you want to change a pattern of the mind that has become a long-standing habit, breathing is the best thing.

All habits of the mind are associated with the pattern of breathing. Change the pattern of breathing and the mind changes immediately, instantly. Try it. Whenever you see that a judgement is coming and you are getting into an old habit, immediately exhale – as if you are throwing the judgement out with the exhalation.

Exhale deeply, pulling the stomach in, and as you throw out the air, feel, visualise, that the whole judgement is being thrown out. Then take in fresh air deeply, two or three times, and just see what happens. You will feel a complete freshness; the old habit will not have been able to take possession.

So start by exhalation, not inhalation. When you want to take something in, start inhaling; if you want to throw something out, start by exhalation and just see how immediately the mind is affected. And don’t be worried about it, because the very worry gives it emphasis and feeds it.

Simply do this and immediately you will see that the mind has moved somewhere else; a new breeze has come. You are not in the old groove so you will not repeat the old habit. And this is true for all habits. For example, if you smoke, if the urge comes to smoke and you don’t want to, immediately exhale deeply and throw the urge out. Have a fresh breath in and you will see immediately that the urge has gone. This can become a very very important tool for inner change. Just try it!

Source: from Osho Book “Hammer on the Rock”

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