Osho on Knowing God

Question – Why can’t i know God?

Osho – FOR YOU ARE IT! Knowledge is not possible. Knowledge pre-supposes division, split. The knower has to be separate from the known. That’s why God cannot be known. You can be God – you are – but you cannot know Him. The very effort to know Him is based on separation. Knowledge separates, divides; it never bridges you. That’s why I insist again and again: Be innocent, not knowledgeable – then you will be in harmony with existence. Then you will be existence! Be ignorant. Blessed are the ignorant.

Why? Because when there is no knowledge, no effort to know, divisions disappear. You merge… you meet… you become one. You cannot know God because God is hiding in you. God cannot be reduced to an object. God cannot become the known. God is the KNOWER; God is your subjectivity. It is not the goal, it is the seeker. It is not at the end of the journey, it is in the beginning – in the very beginning. It is the don’t try to know God, otherwise you will fail and there will be great frustration.

Become God! Be God! And when I say become God, I am using language which is not adequate. YOU ARE GOD! Recognize it – that’s all that I mean by becoming it. LOOK within yourself. Don’t seek God – FIND Him! Without seeking He has to be found. All search leads astray, because the search starts from the very false idea that He is separate, that He is far away, that He is somebody else. He is in the seeker – He is the search!

Source – Osho Book “Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind”

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