Osho on Meera

Osho – So love is the first door. Through it, you can move away from time. That is why everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to love. And no one knows why so much significance is given to love, why there is such a deep longing for love. And unless you know it rightly, you can neither love nor be loved, because love is one of the deepest phenomena upon this earth.

We go on thinking that everyone is capable of love as he is. This is not the case – it is not so. That is why you are frustrated. Love is a different dimension, and if you try to love someone in time you will be defeated in your effort. In time, love is not possible.

I remember one anecdote. Meera was in love with Krishna. She was a housewife – the wife of a prince. The prince became jealous of Krishna. Krishna was no more; Krishna was not present, Krishna was not a physical body. There was a gap of five thousand years between Krishna’s physical existence and Meera’s physical existence. So really, how can Meera be in love with Krishna? The time gap was so great.

One day the prince, her husband, asked Meera, ”You go on talking about your love, you go on dancing and singing around Krishna, but where is he? With whom are you so much in love? With whom are you talking continuously?” Meera was talking with Krishna, singing, laughing, fighting.

She looked mad – she was, in our eyes. The prince said, ”Have you gone mad? Where is your Krishna? Whom are you loving? With whom are you conversing? I am here, and you have completely forgotten me.”

Meera said, ”Krishna is here – you are not here – because Krishna is eternal; you are not. He will always be here, he was always here, he is here. You will not be here; you were not here. You were not here one day, you will not be here another day, so how can I believe that between these two non-existences you are here? How is an existence possible between two non-existences?”

The prince is in time, but Krishna is in eternity. So you can be near the prince, but the distance cannot be destroyed. You will be distant. You may be very, very distant in time from Krishna, but you can be near. It is a different dimension, however.

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