Osho on Mary Magdalene and Judas

Osho : Remember Mary Magdalene? She seems to me the only true follower of Jesus. Her authenticity, her daring, is immense. Jesus had come to her house and she poured precious perfume on his feet, washed the feet with the perfume, then wiped the feet with her hair. She was sitting there crying tears and tears, and naturally the virtuous were offended.

And somebody said to Jesus, ”This is not right. She is a sinner, and she should not be allowed to touch you!” This is how the egoistic, the virtuous, the intellectual has always behaved. Judas was also not happy with this. Judas seems to be a communist or a socialist.

He said, ”This is wastage. This perfume is so costly, why waste it? People are starving. The perfume could have been sold; it is rare. We could have fed a few people.” It looks logical. You will tend to agree with Judas rather than with Jesus.

What Jesus said is very illogical; he said, ”But the poor will always be there – when I am gone then you can take care of them. You don’t understand the heart of this woman. I cannot say no to her! Let her do what she wants to do. Let her unburden herself, let her cry, let her touch me. Let her pour the perfume – costly, not costly, that is irrelevant. I cannot say no to her. I can see a great feeling arising in her heart. This is prayer, she is in a prayerful mood. I cannot disturb her prayer.”

Jesus understood that Mary Magdalene had a beauty of the heart. She was the first one who recognized Jesus after the resurrection. There were only three women there when Jesus was taken down from the cross – one was Mary Magdalene. All those great apostles had disappeared. And you must remember, Judas was the ONLY scholar of Jesus’ followers, the only professor, the only intellectually well-equipped, the only scholarly person. And he betrayed. It is symbolic: intellect betrays.

Mind is cunning. Mind always creates conspiracies against truth. Let Judas be a symbol of mind. He was the most intellectual, the most articulate person. If he had not betrayed he would have become the founder of the church. Why did he betray? Mind betrays, logic betrays. Your mind is against your being.

The prostitute had no mind. She had lived a very simple existence of selling her body. She knew nothing of the scriptures, she had no time to read them. She could not have the ego of a virtuous person. How could she have? She was simply humble, crying. She couldn’t have any ego, and that is the door to the divine.

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