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Osho on Muktananda – Have you seen Muktananda’s guru’s picture? If you have not seen it, it is worth seeing. It is a rare treat. I think he is unique — Nityananda IS unique. You may have seen people with big bellies: Nityananda is a belly with a head! The belly is so big, you cannot say that he has a big belly. You can only say that the belly has a small man. And this is bound to happen to sexually repressed people.

But rationalizations…. Muktananda writes in his memoirs that when he was practicing his great SIDDHA YOGA, his KUNDALINI started rising. And what really happened he describes in detail. Not knowing anything about Freud, Jung, Adler, Wilhelm Reich…these Indian so-called gurus are absolutely uncontemporary. They don’t know anything that has happened in these last one thousand years. They are at least one thousand years behind.

So when he talks about kundalini, he says that his genital organs became so strong, so erect, that they started hurting; that his prick was so erect it started touching his belly button. Kundalini rising…! These fools go on teaching the West that this is the kundalini rising. This is simply repressed sex and nothing else. It is such a simple fact. When the kundalini rises, something just the opposite happens.

Osho on Muktananda – It is really difficult for a Californian tourist because California is so gullible that all kinds of fools have gathered there — Muktananda in Palm Beach… all kinds of stupid people from all over the world. They are being attracted towards California as if California has a magnetic force. And any fool can gather disciples there. All that you have to know is some esoteric nonsense.

You talk about seven chakras and seven planes and you talk about kundalini and the serpent power and you talk about SIDDHIS, spiritual powers and astral travels, and you will find people coming to you — intelligent people, far more intelligent people than these Muktanandas. In fact, it is a miracle!

I have met Muktananda. Once I was passing by the side of his ashram and he invited me in, so just for a few minutes I went there. I have come across all kinds of stupid people — he tops them all! But in California he has a great following. And what is he doing there? — arranging Hindu marriages! Now, any kind of nonsense — as if the Hindu marriage is something spiritual. It is the most absurd thing in the world, but people are ready to do anything outlandish.

It is difficult for a Californian tourist, but you made it. That’s really creditable. I appreciate it, because to be with me one needs guts. One needs to be ready to drop all bullshit. And Californians are carrying so much bullshit because they are going from one so-called guru to another guru and collecting it from everywhere. Tibetan lamas are there and Hindu monks are there and Japanese Zen gurus are there and the so-called Sufis are there….

In fact, real masters never go anywhere. The disciple has to seek and search, the disciple has to come to the real master. The thirsty person has to come to the well; the well does not go running after the thirsty.

Osho on Muktananda – I know many people, like Muktananda, who have nothing to give. It is a miracle that Muktananda can also become a guru. But still if somebody is following Muktananda, I will not say don’t follow him. I will say go headlong. Because that is the only way to find out, to figure it out. I will say, ‘Go headlong with open eyes; maybe this is how your life is going to grow.’ Nothing is wrong in it. Why be so much afraid?

One learns from fools as much as from wise people, and one learns from pseudo-gurus as much as from authentic gurus. They are part of one phenomenon. In fact, you get that which you deserve. Now there are a few people who deserve Muktananda. What to do? They have earned Muktananda through their lives; many lives of karmas and they have earned Muktananda. Now who am I or who are you to prevent them? Why? They deserve, that is their growth, they have to pass through it.

Osho on Muktananda – One of the great Hindu monks, Nityananda, the master of Swami Muktananda — Muktananda was very well known in America. Nityananda had only one unique quality: his belly. I don’t think in the whole history of man anybody had such a big belly! When he lies down you can see a strange shape.

When I saw him I told him, “You don’t have a belly, your belly has a head and legs, because that is your major part!” But he is worshipped, he is thought to be enlightened. And his belly is proof enough. And now this man cannot be celibate: he is eating so much that he will create sexual energy. What is he going to do with that energy? Anything that he will do will be a perversion; and the easiest way is always homosexuality, because if he is found with a woman, all his respectability and great sainthood will disappear. He has to be with a man, and then nobody suspects.

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  1. In one of those blurbs Osho said that he once spoke to Nityananda, insulting him for his huge belly. In another talk, Osho said that he never met him, that he died before he had the chance to get to where he was staying. This caught me off guard – of course, Osho is known for contradicting himself and telling stories to illustrate a point, and I don't think it matters much what the truth is in this situation, but I do find it odd that he would include one detail in one telling and exclude it in another – since it makes no difference to the joke at all.

  2. Before reading above stories of osho on Muktananda and Nityananda ,
    I belive thet OSHO has great knowledge of Indian Sirituality . but
    I do not know that all above are true or false stories but if it is true then
    I belive now that he did not understand the real spirituality .

  3. for osho to understand nityananda it will not be possible for him to understand the divinity of live also its aim and nevertheless what its purpose.

  4. dear osho,
    u may hav achieved sumthin in your life but today iam assured that all that is bulshit. u dint understand spirituaility in tru sense..so sory for u..

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