Osho on Nisargadatta Maharaj

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Osho on Nisargadatta Maharaj : There was a man in Bombay, Nisargadatta Maharaj. Nobody knew this big name; he was known to the masses as “Beedie Baba” because he was continuously smoking beedies. You can find in every village such kinds of beedie babas. I think India has seven hundred thousand villages and each village must have at least one; more is possible. And Amrito wrote a few days ago to me, because another young Dutchman became very much involved with Beedie Baba…

The man seems to be very sincere, but the trouble is that the people who come from the West have a very childlike heart, very trusting, and they are unaware that in India spirituality is just a routine. Everybody talks about great things and their lives are as ugly as possible. When Beedie Baba said that he would speak only to this young Dutchman, naturally his ego must have felt tremendously vast.

The crowd that surrounded Beedie Baba was also of the same quality… rickshaw wallahs waiting for their passengers, sitting by the side of Beedie Baba. And when he said he would not speak to anybody unless it was this Dutchman… So he spoke to the Dutchman, who has now compiled books on Beedie Baba.

Now in India it is almost parrot-like, but to the Westerner it seems to be a tremendous revelation — when Beedie Baba said, “Aham brahmasmi; I am God, I am that” the young Dutchman immediately wrote a book: I AM THAT! Because for the West, spirituality is a foreign affair, just as for the East, science is a foreign affair.

Osho on Nisargadatta Maharaj : Even the poorest beggar knows more about metaphysics, about great ideologies… And when the Western man comes — he may be well educated but his education is of science, his education is of logic, his education makes him a great intellectual. But in the heart he remains very naive. Then any Beedie Baba, any idiot can make a great impact on him.

This Dutch man lived for months together with Beedie Baba. He does not mention his well-known name, Beedie Baba; he mentions only his legal name, Nisargadatta Maharaj. He has written many books on Nisargadatta Maharaj; he has made Nisargadatta famous all over the world. I have looked through those books — sheer nonsense.

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  1. calling others name and paying no respect shows your true level. thot of reading about your teachings, but after reading 'i am that' i need no go after books, just meditate on it!

    suggest you to read it with 'emptiness' in your mind and dont be 'OSHO'

    you need to grow to know wat he says…

    frankly, after reading this i just doubt, u must be some fake! you still rely on appearance of a person…beedi-baba. hope you understand when you read it next time…best of luck

  2. Yes indeed. It must have been so tought for this little creature so lost in his ego trip as he was to recognize any depth in the work of such a unique caracter as Maurice Frydman was. Lets pause for a moment on this “naive young man”
    Frydman came to India in the late 1930s as a Jewish refugee from Warsaw. A successful capitalist, he was managing director of the Mysore State Government Electrical Factory in Bangalore. Eventually he was won over by Hindu philosophy and became a sannyasi. Frydman was instrumental, along with Gandhi and the Raja of Aundh, in helping to draft the November Declaration, which handed over rule of the state of Aundh from the Raja to the residents in 1938-9.[5]
    While in India, Frydman became a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi and lived in his ashram, where he made the spinning wheel that Gandhi himself used. Frydman used his engineering skill to create several new types of spinning wheels for Gandhi, which piqued his interest in finding the most efficient and economical spinning wheel for India.[7]

    He was close to Nehru, and was associated with Sri Ramana Maharshi[8] and J. Krishnamurti.[9]

    A longtime friend to Advaita guru, Nisargadatta Maharaj, who considered him a Jnani, Maurice Frydman died in 1976 in India, with Sri Nisargadatta by his bedside.[10] Frydman edited and translated Nisargadatta Maharaj’s tape-recorded conversations into the English-language book I Am That, published in 1973.

    As anyone can see, Mr. Chandra Mohan Jain, aka Acharya Rajneesh, aka Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, aka Osho, was a skilled professor of philosophy who garnered an international following of naive people from the west by knowing very well how naive they can be. So much so that they can listen seriously even to him

  3. Different strokes, different folks!

    Personally, I haven’t opened one Osho book since getting a copy of “I Am That” six years ago.

  4. Please insult me, lest I fall back into sleep.

    The way and methods of the masters are many.

    There are 3 names mentioned above, but only one ever wrote books.

  5. If I were to mention the name Maurice Frydman to spiritual practitioners who are familiar with Advaita Vedanta and Tibetan Buddhism, not many would recognize it. Yet, Maurice was a key factor in disseminating the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Swami Ramdas, Anandamayi Ma, Mahatma Gandhi; and supporting the Tibetan Buddhists. It was because of Maurice that I was able to stay at Ramana Maharshi’s Ashram, meet Nisargadatta Maharaj, J. Krishnamurti, Mother Krishnabai, and (indirectly) Douglas Harding.

    In 1976, Maurice had a second accident. While walking in the crowded streets of Bombay, he was struck by a motorcycle. He never fully recovered from this accident and subsequently died in the apartment he lived in for so many years, owned by Ms. Petit. Nisargadatta Maharaj was by his side at the end and proclaimed Maurice a free man. Maharaj so respected Maurice that he added his photograph to the other saints and gurus whom Maharaj worshipped daily.



    Osho is commericial fake guru

    “I AM THAT” was the last spiritual book I ever read.

  6. Personally I love both these guys, I don’t discriminate, and these comments here about fake gurus make me laugh, it looks like Osho has hit a bone with those who worship people outside of themselves. Both are wonderful people who had something to offer, both were also con men! Why can’t the divine be both? I read “I am That” many years ago and I felt great spiritual power from it and loved it and still do as a work of Advaita metaphysics, but Advaita does not have the last word. As far as I am concerned Buddha had far more penetrating insight than Shankara.

    It was not until I read the word’s of Osho that they really resonated with me and I had my first spiritual experience and my kundalini was awakened, as Osho doesn’t sell false dreams nor consoles you, he knows exactly where to hit you to break your ego. Nisargadatta Maharaj was a simple man and is a great guru for the common type of man, where as Osho is definately the guru for the more intellectual type. I think Nisargadatta Maharaj on the other hand told people what they wanted to hear. He was illiterate and to some extent this is what makes “I am that” all the more remarkable. However you simply cannot compare him with someone like Osho who was a true master. Osho has over 600 books written from his discourses, 2000 DVD’s and audio lectures and a personal library of 150,000 books from all the world’s great literature and religions, and without doubt could take on and debate anyone with his amazing intellect. If the two were to go head to head, I think the winner would be clearly obvious, but it is human nature to gloss over the facts of existence and endow and project qualities onto others without any proof or evidence of their greatness! Many times Osho has said, don’t project greatness onto others, but only when you have recognised it in yourself will you be able to recognise it in others.

    Osho was the last master I ever came across.

  7. Here is what Nisargadatta Maharaj said about Osho (apparently in response
    to a question about him), from ” Consciousness and the
    Absolute: ”
    Chapter Sixty One. June Nine, 1981.
    Rajneesh is not a small personality or small principal.
    He is tremendous.
    He is very big.
    He is a great sage.
    ( Nisargadatta Maharaj knows that if he speaks any lie than OSHO will totally expose him. OSHO has spoken on each and every aspect of life. There are 100s of Nisarg Baba in each and every town of INDIA. )

  8. I think this masters have an ego for admiring contemperory masters like of artists …
    We can see osho thrashing sai baba at some occasion and even in case of shankara he was so furious against most of his contemperories …

  9. OSHO has never thrashed sai baba. OSHO has thrashed satya sai baba cuase he was total fake. OSHO has always admired J.Krishnamurthy , his contemperory. OSHO has always said that J.Krishnamurthy is enlightened.

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