Osho on Non Desiring Mind

Osho – You have always been seeking and seeking treasures, and they elude, and they are mirages, and they appear and when you reach after long journeys they are not there — because the real treasure is hidden behind you. It is you! There is no other treasure; you are the treasure.

When one is established in honesty: asteya pratishthayam. The word asteya literally means “no-theft.” That has to be understood. “Honesty” doesn’t carry that meaning. Of course honesty is part of it, one of the components, but no-theft is very different.

You may not be a thief, but if you are jealous of others’ possessions you are a thief. If you see somebody’s car passing and envy arises, jealousy arises, or ambition — a desire to possess that car — you have committed a theft. No court can catch you, but in the court of the whole, you are caught: theft has been committed.

No-theft means a nondesiring mind, because how can you be a nonthief with desiring? The mind goes on trying to possess more and more — and whenever you want to possess you have to take it from someone else. It is a theft. You may not commit it, but the mind has already committed it.

No-theft means a mind who is not jealous, not competitive. And a great revolution happens: when this no-theft is there in your being, suddenly you fall to your own treasure, because when you are a thief — competitive, ambitious, jealous — you are always looking to others’ treasures.

That’s how you are missing your own treasure. The eyes are always moving and looking at others’ treasures: who is carrying what, who is having what. When you are trying to have more you are missing that which you have already. Because of that “more” you are always on the move and never in a rest where you can discover your own being.

Your own treasure can be discovered only in a certain space, and that certain space is available when you are not jealous, when you are not bothering about what others are having. You close your eyes; the world doesn’t matter. Having, having more, is no longer meaningful: then being is revealed.

And there are two types of persons: people interested in having more, and people interested in being more. If you are interested in having more, whatsoever the object of having more, it makes no difference — you can go on collecting money, you can go on collecting knowledge, you can go on collecting prestige, power, you can go on collecting whatsoever you want — but if you are interested in having, you will miss; because there is no need for this continuous effort to have.¬†You already have the treasure within you. When the yogi is firmly established in nontheft, inner riches present themselves.

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